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There comes a time…  when even I run out of words.  Not really, but I have been busy the past few days and also the words just aren’t flowing for me right now.  So I think this is a perfect time to let someone else do the talking.  I’ve pasted an article that I really enjoyed, and the link to it below.  As of right now, I’m just posting the article but maybe I’ll post my thoughts on it later if I can come up with something intelligent and cool-sounding.  🙂  Just read it!  And to everyone who has commented and anyone else who may be reading, thanks and I totally love you!!


WASHINGTON (CNS)—Hoping to reverse what they call “a disturbing trend” toward viewing marriage as “a mostly private matter” with personal satisfaction as its only goal, the U.S. Catholic bishops will debate and vote on a 57-page pastoral letter on marriage at their Nov. 16-19 meeting in Baltimore.

The letter, called “Marriage: Life and Love in the Divine Plan,” is another component in the bishops’ National Pastoral Initiative for Marriage, which began in November 2004.

“The vision of married life and love that we have presented in this pastoral letter is meant to be a foundation and reference point for the many works of evangelization, catechesis, pastoral care, education and advocacy carried on in our dioceses, parishes, schools, agencies, movements and programs,” says the document’s closing section, called a “commitment to ministry.”

The letter cites four “fundamental challenges to the nature and purpose of marriage”—contraception, same-sex unions, easy divorce and cohabitation.

Calling both contraception and cohabitation “intrinsically evil,” the bishops say that although couples who use contraception “may think that they are doing nothing harmful to their marriages,” they are in reality causing many negative consequences, both personal and societal.

“The union of male and female is reduced to a means of gratifying whatever one desires, and so conjugal love is diminished,” the letter says. “The procreative capacity of male and female is dehumanized, reduced to a kind of internal biological technology that one masters and controls just like any other technology.”

The document encourages the use of natural family planning, which the bishops say promotes “an attitude of respect and wonder … and fosters the true intimacy that only such respect can bring.”

The bishops, who also were to consider a separate document on reproductive technologies during their fall general assembly, say technology such as in vitro fertilization and cloning can degrade human life by making it “something produced or manufactured in various ways.”

“Children begin to seem less and less as gifts received in a personal communion of self-giving, and increasingly as a lifestyle choice, a commodity to which all consumers are entitled,” the draft says.

Children can be similarly harmed by cohabitation and divorce, the bishops say, citing “the findings of the social sciences … that the best environment for raising children is a stable home provided by the marriage of their parents.”
“Marriage is not merely a private institution,” the letter adds. “It is the foundation for the family, where children learn the values and virtues that will make good Christians as well as good citizens.”
The bishops acknowledge that divorce “may be the only solution to a morally unacceptable situation,” such as when “the safety of a spouse and children is at risk,” and pledge their support and assistance to those in such situations.

They encourage “those for whom divorce seemed the only recourse” to make frequent use of the sacraments, especially penance and the Eucharist. Even Catholics who have remarried civilly after a divorce should “participate in parish life and attend the Sunday Eucharist, even though they cannot ordinarily receive holy Communion,” they say.

The moves to legally recognize same-sex unions pose “a multifaceted threat to the very fabric of society, striking at the source from which society and culture come and which they are meant to serve,” the bishops say.

“Such recognition affects all people, married and nonmarried: not only at the fundamental levels of the good of the spouses, the good of children, the intrinsic dignity of every human person and the common good, but also at the levels of education, cultural imagination and influence, and religious freedom,” they add.

Some of the strongest statements in the document are directed against those who live together without marriage.

“To have sexual intercourse outside the covenant of marriage is gravely immoral because it communicates physically the gift of oneself to another when, at the same time, one is not willing or able to make a total and permanent commitment,” the draft says.
Cohabitation does not improve the likelihood that a couple will have a stable marriage and can even diminish the possibility, it adds.

The bishops said they addressed the letter “first and foremost to the Catholic faithful in the United States” but also offered it to others “in the hope of inspiring them to embrace this teaching.”

“Today, more than ever, people are asking whether and how it is possible to make and keep a lifetime commitment in a marriage,” said Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville, Ky., chairman of the bishops’ Ad Hoc Committee on Defense of Marriage, in a news release about the draft document.

“The Catholic Church has a vision for marriage that can sustain spouses in good times and in bad times — one that can lead them to happiness and holiness in their relationship,” he added. “This message is based on both reason and faith; it is God’s plan for the good of the spouses, their children and family, and society as a whole.”

Richard McCord, executive director of the bishops’ Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth, said in the same release that the pastoral letter “will be the launch for several new projects that will offer resources for local pastoral ministries.”

“We also plan to continue developing what has already been successful, especially a public service media campaign on the good effects of marriage as well as our popular Web site, http://www.foryourmarriage.org, that provides an abundance of practical materials for engaged and married couples,” McCord added.


Costume Time!

October 23, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’m sure you all remember my mention of Seductive Boogie in one of my earlier posts.  How could you forget?  I made the worst pun ever off their name.  But my puns are not the point here.  If they were, this would be a post in which I do nothing but blame my father and Mr. G for any bad puns I have made, will make, and the ones I might think about making, chuckle to myself, but then sigh and realize it’s for the best that I don’t.  But then again, these are the same people who took their families one year to this awesome Christmas festival in Wellsboro and I had the most amazing hot dog ever there, no thanks to Jaci telling me the whole time I was eating it, what exactly it was made from.  Note to Jaci – DON’T BE THAT PERSON.  So no complaints about my dad and Mr. G.  And no puns either.   Comments section is free game, though, so have at it, Dad.

Seductive Boogie is playing again soon.  There, was it that hard to arrive at that sentence!?  For me, yes.  They’re DJ’ing at Club Ice in Bentleys on Friday, October 30, from 9-2am.  I will be in attendance.  So should you.  The reason though, that this is blog-worthy a week in advance, is that they are telling everyone that animal attire is encouraged.  Obviously since Halloween is only a week away, I have a costume already picked out.  It doesn’t involve animals.  (It actually involves a famous fiery Eye and some thigh-high boots, but that’s a blog for another day.  And trust me, that day is coming soon.)  So I find myself facing a conundrum: 

A.  Do I just wear a few animal print clothing items that I own?  For instance, I have a leopard print blouse that I could wear and just some skinny jeans and these cute pumps I own that are leopard print as well, with 4 inch heels.  Cute outfit, but also a little boring and not really a costume.   Animal print, yes, but not really animal attire.  

B. Or do I borrow a gorilla mask from a friend of mine and wear that, with a regular outfit underneath.  Kind of humorous (at least to me) because I could just wear a black turtleneck, black skinny jeans, and my black thigh-high boots… thus resembling a skinny gorilla-headed female in really hot boots.  Only reason I don’t want to do that is because I hate masks, they’re so stuffy, and also no one would be able to see my eye make-up.  GASP!  Not permissible!! 

C. So I am left with a third choice, which is to raid our Halloween stash of costumes, perhaps buy a funny little tiger outfit at Target (there are advantages to fitting into pre-adolescent children’s clothes, see??)  and wear an animal costume.  This third choice might sound the most fun, but it involves money.  I really don’t want to spend money on a Halloween costume that I’ll wear for one night.  My ‘for real’ costume only required me to spend about $10 and that was worth it to me because it’s pretty much the BEST. COSTUME. EVER. 

Therefore, I am asking all my readers for their opinion!  Comment it up.  And wearing flat shoes is not an option so don’t even go there.


October 20, 2009 § 2 Comments

Today, dear readers, is a wonderful day.  Do you know why?  Have no fear if you do not!  Of course I will tell you and with as much unnecessary verbiage as possible.  I am going over Danny’s house tonight!  Yay!!  I promise this won’t turn into a blog wherein I discuss my relationship to the most minute detail, but I have to allow myself a moment of smiling.  I like to see Danny.  He makes me happy.  I am sharing this with you.  (My spell check is informing me that “most minute” is grammatically incorrect and it should be “minutest” but that just looks odd.)  

Speaking of smiles (was I? Ah yes, I was.), I saw Couples Retreat last night with my friend Mike and it was funny.  I recommend it to anyone who enjoys that brand of Vince “I’m Talking Really Fast But It’s Super Funny Because Even Though I’m Rambling About Something Serious You Have To Laugh By The Time I Get Done Because The Scenario I’ve Created Is So Completely Random Outrageous Impossible And Yet Slightly True” Vaughn humor.  Normally, that isn’t my cup of tea (INSERT – Nothing is my cup of tea.  I actually dislike tea.  I think this is the worst analogy in the world.  Is it an analogy?  Do I have to check types of speech in my blog?  Is that a blogging rule?  Tea is okay when I have a sore throat but only with a lot of honey.  And the kind that comes in the bear-shaped container.  That little bear is so cute, holding all the honey in his tummy.  You guys know what I’m talking about, right?) because my movie style is more decadent ballrooms where a man in tails and cuff links waltzes me in little circles as my emerald green chiffon gown gracefully sweeps the floor.  We clasp each other closer and our eyes communicate until he gently and unobtrusively glides us off the parquet floor, through the French doors, and into darkened corners of the balcony where he will steal a kiss or two and compare my eyes to some kind of exotic hothouse flower.  Swoon.….

Sorry, I swooned because my corset was a little too tight.  As I was saying, Couples Retreat was so beautiful, I actually went and looked up where it filmed: mostly in Bora Bora.  I now know where Danny and I will be heading if we ever come to the sad state where we must seek counseling to repair the crumbling fortress that once was our love.  (Hmmm, there was that day we argued about fiscal responsibility… And that time I made fun of his male pattern baldness… And where does he get that nerve, telling me to make him a sandwich in that superior tone??)  The movie also had a few good moments stuck somewhere in the middle of a creepy steward named Ctanley and an amorous yoga instructor’s Speedos.  Such as, don’t go looking for trouble in your relationship.  Being in love has as much to do with merely being at peace as it does with keeping the peace.  Also, a snow room in a spa is a bad idea.  Who goes to a snow room in a spa??  Spas are for relaxation, not shivering. Who designed such a thing?  Who thought, yes!  Snow!  At a place where most people are wearing only fuzzy terrycloth robes and bath sandals and avocados on their eyelids!  Snow! 

Well, I am off to Rodano’s to pick up my cheese steak.  Blogging on my lunch break makes me hungry!  Actually, I’m always hungry.  I hope Danny has wonderful plans for dinner tonight!!!   I’ll let you know.

Sunrise Time

October 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

There was fog in the forest this morning.  The chilly air lay heavy with moisture, falling along the river and curling around the trees until you could see only their tops, a dull dark green dusting the bottom of the sky.  The fog nestled into the trees and seemed content to hover there, still and white.  All was quiet and cold, waiting with an air of hushed expectancy more natural to an eager audience.   But with no fanfare at all, the sun appeared on the horizon as a a growing gleam of pure light.  It rose over the curved edge of the forest in a flood of radiance and warmed the entire fog with its glow.  When struck athwart by the glistening rays, the mist shifted and took on a new appearance.  It was no longer white and thick; in one instant the fog had softened into airy golden puffs of cloud.  This luminous display was highlighted by the leaves of autumn, who reached their graceful hands to brush the spilling banks of light.  Burnished orange, glossy red, and vibrant yellow hues painted the underside of the glinting fog, made even richer in color by the dark blurs that were the feathery pines.  But not even for the glory of nature will time stand still.  The colors melted into the mist, the mist dissolved in the sunlight, and I was left with merely a memory of fog in the forest this morning.

Try Again Time

October 17, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’ve come to the realization that my first blog post was entirely incorrect.  It’s a rigorous blogging world out there, with lots of rules and regulations to observe, and I’ve failed it already.  Instead of a friendly introduction to myself, perhaps a few little jokes and some chatty comments on the local scene, I delved right into the fray and posted something completely random.  Silly me.  Not the way blogs work!  To everything there is a season, and so on and so forth.  I best save the lugubrious prose for times when my readers have settled into the rhythm of my writing and are expecting it.  Hence, my corrected post-

FIRST POST (no need to scroll down to the real first post and frustrate yourself with my emotive musings; really, no need):

There is a distinct air of excitement and expectancy in the family household today.  My friend Jaci is coming to visit us!!!  Jaci, feel free to take a bow in the comments section for being the first name dropped in my blog!  Jaci lives a ways down the Turnpike and I do not see her as often as I would like.  This weekend will change everything.  I will allow myself to wallow in old friendships, inside jokes, and cheese.  That is an inside joke there so just gloss right on over it.  Thank you.   Together, we will revive memories of other friends, places, and many a good meal.  I have no doubt that Jaci will find our home as comforting, noisy, and well-stocked with snacks as of old.  Here’s to Jaci’s visit!!  *Raises a glass of cranberry apple cider*  (Try it, it’s delicious.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the dishes!)

Tonight, we’re going to the hockey game.  AHL Penguins.  Should be interesting, as I believe we are in need of better offense.  Not that our offensive players are bad, per se, just not stepping up to the plate enough.  And now I’ve gone and not only mixed my sports metaphors unforgiveably but also ruined any bit of credibility I had by making the statement “We need to score more goals to win”.   Well, whatever the score, I’m still excited to go the game with Jac.  Afterwards, I believe we’ll be heading up to the Lava Lounge at Old Time Charlie’s.  Don’t delude yourself into thinking that I have any sort of predilection towards brightly colored, bubbling ooze.  We’re going because DJing there tonight is Seductive Boogie.  I love Seductive Boogie because they can always make me dance.  In a way, one could say that they “seduce me into boogie-ing”.  Thank you, Seductive Boogie, for spinning rhythms that are both enjoyable and danceable.  (And now I apologize for that awful mess of a pun.)

After the moon has risen fully and the night is turning from a velvety midnight blue to inky blackness, I’m sure Jaci and I will hie our way home and proceed to giggle uncontrollably till dawn.  The frivolity of it all will be both astounding and yet heart-warming.  Should heart-warming be hyphenated?  I’m not bothering to check.  This is my blog, ok?  I’ll check back in tomorrow!



First Time

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What do I want more than anything?  I want all the time in the world to look at you.  If I had this time, I would not be so worried that you will never notice.  Have you?  The way my eyes light up at the sight of you, the blush warming my cheek.  Or the way I follow you around the room with my gaze, as if it were humanly possible to memorize someone; the motion of your body, the gesture of your hands, the sparkle in your own eyes.  As if it were possible.  If I had this time I desire, I would study your face until you realize I am staring at you as if you are my sun.  Like any light, it will blind me unless I blink quickly.  Tears might fall from my eyes, but I’m unwilling to let their focus slip from you for even a moment.  So much can happen in merely a moment.  What if you changed?  What if you didn’t notice?  What if you never do?  If I had all the time in the world, I think I would devour you with my eyes.  In the end though, I think my gaze would overpower you.

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