First Time

October 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

What do I want more than anything?  I want all the time in the world to look at you.  If I had this time, I would not be so worried that you will never notice.  Have you?  The way my eyes light up at the sight of you, the blush warming my cheek.  Or the way I follow you around the room with my gaze, as if it were humanly possible to memorize someone; the motion of your body, the gesture of your hands, the sparkle in your own eyes.  As if it were possible.  If I had this time I desire, I would study your face until you realize I am staring at you as if you are my sun.  Like any light, it will blind me unless I blink quickly.  Tears might fall from my eyes, but I’m unwilling to let their focus slip from you for even a moment.  So much can happen in merely a moment.  What if you changed?  What if you didn’t notice?  What if you never do?  If I had all the time in the world, I think I would devour you with my eyes.  In the end though, I think my gaze would overpower you.


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