Try Again Time

October 17, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’ve come to the realization that my first blog post was entirely incorrect.  It’s a rigorous blogging world out there, with lots of rules and regulations to observe, and I’ve failed it already.  Instead of a friendly introduction to myself, perhaps a few little jokes and some chatty comments on the local scene, I delved right into the fray and posted something completely random.  Silly me.  Not the way blogs work!  To everything there is a season, and so on and so forth.  I best save the lugubrious prose for times when my readers have settled into the rhythm of my writing and are expecting it.  Hence, my corrected post-

FIRST POST (no need to scroll down to the real first post and frustrate yourself with my emotive musings; really, no need):

There is a distinct air of excitement and expectancy in the family household today.  My friend Jaci is coming to visit us!!!  Jaci, feel free to take a bow in the comments section for being the first name dropped in my blog!  Jaci lives a ways down the Turnpike and I do not see her as often as I would like.  This weekend will change everything.  I will allow myself to wallow in old friendships, inside jokes, and cheese.  That is an inside joke there so just gloss right on over it.  Thank you.   Together, we will revive memories of other friends, places, and many a good meal.  I have no doubt that Jaci will find our home as comforting, noisy, and well-stocked with snacks as of old.  Here’s to Jaci’s visit!!  *Raises a glass of cranberry apple cider*  (Try it, it’s delicious.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the dishes!)

Tonight, we’re going to the hockey game.  AHL Penguins.  Should be interesting, as I believe we are in need of better offense.  Not that our offensive players are bad, per se, just not stepping up to the plate enough.  And now I’ve gone and not only mixed my sports metaphors unforgiveably but also ruined any bit of credibility I had by making the statement “We need to score more goals to win”.   Well, whatever the score, I’m still excited to go the game with Jac.  Afterwards, I believe we’ll be heading up to the Lava Lounge at Old Time Charlie’s.  Don’t delude yourself into thinking that I have any sort of predilection towards brightly colored, bubbling ooze.  We’re going because DJing there tonight is Seductive Boogie.  I love Seductive Boogie because they can always make me dance.  In a way, one could say that they “seduce me into boogie-ing”.  Thank you, Seductive Boogie, for spinning rhythms that are both enjoyable and danceable.  (And now I apologize for that awful mess of a pun.)

After the moon has risen fully and the night is turning from a velvety midnight blue to inky blackness, I’m sure Jaci and I will hie our way home and proceed to giggle uncontrollably till dawn.  The frivolity of it all will be both astounding and yet heart-warming.  Should heart-warming be hyphenated?  I’m not bothering to check.  This is my blog, ok?  I’ll check back in tomorrow!





§ 3 Responses to Try Again Time

  • Jaci says:

    *bows* Truly, it is as if I have attained some kind of celebrity status by being name-dropped on the World Wide Web. I cannot adequately convey to you the feeling of transcendence of this experience. Indeed, this weekend was nothing short of a dream, despite the premature exit of a certain person who shall not be named, and a distinct and unfortunate lack of cheese.

  • Walt says:

    Celebrity status?
    All because a handful of pixels, at the command of a few microbytes of ASCII, have formed a reasonable facsimile of your moniker???
    I can’t imagine what you’d feel like if you comprehended in its metaphysical entirety the full impact of the divinization, the theosis which occurred as a result of your being guided through the waters of Baptism, in which you personally shared in every aspect of the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Beloved Son of the Father and the Savior of all. The transformation! The restoration!! Insertion into the perpetual cycle of flawless charity that bonds the Blessed Trinity, yielding complete communion with God!!!

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