Costume Time!

October 23, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’m sure you all remember my mention of Seductive Boogie in one of my earlier posts.  How could you forget?  I made the worst pun ever off their name.  But my puns are not the point here.  If they were, this would be a post in which I do nothing but blame my father and Mr. G for any bad puns I have made, will make, and the ones I might think about making, chuckle to myself, but then sigh and realize it’s for the best that I don’t.  But then again, these are the same people who took their families one year to this awesome Christmas festival in Wellsboro and I had the most amazing hot dog ever there, no thanks to Jaci telling me the whole time I was eating it, what exactly it was made from.  Note to Jaci – DON’T BE THAT PERSON.  So no complaints about my dad and Mr. G.  And no puns either.   Comments section is free game, though, so have at it, Dad.

Seductive Boogie is playing again soon.  There, was it that hard to arrive at that sentence!?  For me, yes.  They’re DJ’ing at Club Ice in Bentleys on Friday, October 30, from 9-2am.  I will be in attendance.  So should you.  The reason though, that this is blog-worthy a week in advance, is that they are telling everyone that animal attire is encouraged.  Obviously since Halloween is only a week away, I have a costume already picked out.  It doesn’t involve animals.  (It actually involves a famous fiery Eye and some thigh-high boots, but that’s a blog for another day.  And trust me, that day is coming soon.)  So I find myself facing a conundrum: 

A.  Do I just wear a few animal print clothing items that I own?  For instance, I have a leopard print blouse that I could wear and just some skinny jeans and these cute pumps I own that are leopard print as well, with 4 inch heels.  Cute outfit, but also a little boring and not really a costume.   Animal print, yes, but not really animal attire.  

B. Or do I borrow a gorilla mask from a friend of mine and wear that, with a regular outfit underneath.  Kind of humorous (at least to me) because I could just wear a black turtleneck, black skinny jeans, and my black thigh-high boots… thus resembling a skinny gorilla-headed female in really hot boots.  Only reason I don’t want to do that is because I hate masks, they’re so stuffy, and also no one would be able to see my eye make-up.  GASP!  Not permissible!! 

C. So I am left with a third choice, which is to raid our Halloween stash of costumes, perhaps buy a funny little tiger outfit at Target (there are advantages to fitting into pre-adolescent children’s clothes, see??)  and wear an animal costume.  This third choice might sound the most fun, but it involves money.  I really don’t want to spend money on a Halloween costume that I’ll wear for one night.  My ‘for real’ costume only required me to spend about $10 and that was worth it to me because it’s pretty much the BEST. COSTUME. EVER. 

Therefore, I am asking all my readers for their opinion!  Comment it up.  And wearing flat shoes is not an option so don’t even go there.


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§ 3 Responses to Costume Time!

  • Danny says:

    Nala from the Lion King, obviously. You know, the part where she gets hot. Yeah I said it.

    Wait wait, I’ve got one better than that.

    Sexy Nala from the Lion King.

    Do it.

  • Walt says:

    Ah, yes, nothing like the Dickens festival in Wellsboro!

    For Halloween, I’m trying to lose 100-lbs in the next four days so I can fit into my Bishop Martino costume. I want to experience firsthand what it’s like to have materialistic, self-absorbed Catholics-in-name-only who leave Mass right after Communion and couldn’t come up with the Ten Commandments if they were on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and still had their phone-a-friend available spew verbal vitriol against me and in arrogance greater than that of POTUS BHO tell me that they know what’s best for the Church!!! The candy bars I would get would undoubtedly have razor blades ot poison in them.

  • shortside40 says:

    Oh wow, Dad, that totally matches my costume!! I’m going as St. Faustina, the patron saint of the Nanticoke parish communities and I can’t wait for people to complain about my message of Divine Mercy for all!! High five!

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