Time to Overuse Caps Lock

December 4, 2009 § 2 Comments

Sorry, everyone!!   Holidays, a trip to Brooklyn, and so on and so forth, have made me really busy.  But no fear, I have returned from my blogging hiatus!
(Really, I don’t think anyone reads this so I didn’t need to make an excuse, I just reallllly wanted to use the word hiatus.)

So I went to Brooklyn!!  EEEI!!  I had a great time with Leah, Ryan, Chris, and Danny!  Leah and I danced at a few clubs and it was such a nice change of pace from WB, where no one dances and people just stare at you and think you’re a snob because you are wearing high heels and makeup.  Okay, that was harsh.  I love this area, I really do.  But sometimes, it’s nice to be surrounded by people who just don’t care.   If that makes sense.

Lots of pictures from the Brooklyn trip up on facebook, and also some from when my sister Juliana came into town!  She was here with her friend Tara (Hi, Tara, love you!) for Thanksgiving and we had an amazing time shopping for bridesmaid dresses!!  Jul is getting married to a wonderful guy in April, and I’m SO SO excited!  I love weddings.  The love, the dresses, the flowers, the CAKE, the DANCING!!!!  A WEDDING IS EVERYTHING THAT IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD.  Here is a LINK to the picture of the bridesmaid dress I will be wearing!!  It will be in watermelon.  But lets get to the more important picture!  THIS is a link to the bridal gown Juliana will be wearing!!!  As you can see, it is simply amazing.  It look stunning on Jul, who has skinny shoulders like the rest of us B. girls, and this dress’s neckline draws the eye in, away from the shoulders, and also accents the bosom (giggle!).  This is a beautiful style on Jul because she is tall and thin.     As you may have noticed, the collar on my bridesmaid dress looks similar to Jul’s bridal gown.  We are basically the same build so it’s no wonder it looks good on both of us!  I am so happy for Jul and Daniel, who have certainly endured their share of struggles.  They are a couple I always mention when people say that long distance relationships never work.  Daniel and Jul met in Michigan and were apart for more than two years when Jul came back here to attend college.  They persevered, though, through love and sacrifice, and obviously made it work!   They deserve every ounce of happiness that this marriage can give them and I have no doubt that God will bless their love with every good thing.  (Including lots of chubby delicious babies!!) 

Congratulations, Juliana and Daniel!!!!

ps-  Jul, don’t you dare forget that we have to go ‘honeymoon’ shopping still!!!  Heehee.


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§ 2 Responses to Time to Overuse Caps Lock

  • Jaci says:

    I am reading. Beautiful dresses. I love the classic vintage look of Jul’s wedding gown. Her bosom will look wondrous!

  • shortside40 says:

    Thanks, Jaci! You made me smile. 🙂 Also thanks for referencing Jul’s bosom again… that made me smile even more!!!! Hahahaha that’s what she gets for not reading my blog.

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