Fashionable Timing

January 27, 2010 § 3 Comments

Just a fair warning to anyone who may read this entry: It’s about fashion.  All of it.  Every single little sentence, whether gushing, drooling, wistful, openly begging, would certainly sell all my possessions and even my intelligence for that dress or those red sole Pigalle pumps, is about fashion.  If you like fashion, read on!  If not, well I warned you and that’s all I need to do.

Let’s start off with The Dress.  Now, when I become a rich and famous writer, I intend to be feted in the appropriate way!  I want soirees held inside my mansion, awards ceremonies dedicated to me, and of course, the right gown for them all.  You know what I mean.  The dress that is simply, The Dress for That Occasion.  The cameras will flash and bulbs will pop; my Dress will sparkle and catch that light at the exact perfect angle.  The spotlights will dim and my Dress will swirl like smoke around my legs, ethereal and dreamy.  The night will be black as pitch before I leave my parties, but somehow I’ll still be shining with an inner tumescence.  Don’t be fooled, it’s not me.  It’s my Dress.  And that is why I love Marchesa.  Look at this dress! 

Organza Marchesa Resort 2010
Organza Marchesa Resort 2010

Why do I not own it?  Why am I not draping myself in its airy organza and glowing cream tones?  Admire the golden details on the waist.  Note the frothy ruffles, like whips of the lightest meringue.  Remember what I said about dim spotlights?  This is That Dress.  Let’s take a look at this next one, with both Halle Berry and the model wearing it:

Marchesa Spring 2009

  Those threads running throughout the dress are pure gold.  Metaphorically.  This dress is about the flashing cameras, the bright lights reflecting hundreds of shimmers cascading from my body.  My eyes will have some tough competition when it comes to sparkling.  And the shape!  Instant hourglass.  Perfectly nipped in at the waist and gliding down to elongate and make the legs slender.  Hello cameras, this Dress says, arching an eyebrow.  And my third selection- This Dress:

Marchesa Spring 09 Marchesa Spring 09

You have to look at the detailed picture, but you can see it- This Dress has sequins on the boning of the corset.  The tulle is a cloud, demurely covering the knees and giving the left shoulder a hint of shadow.  The flowers make me sigh in happiness.  It’s a dark color and the rosettes might not be everyone’s favorite look, but I love it.  In this Dress, I’d be floating all night long.

The perfect finishing touch: Shoes.  Christian Louboutin shoes.  I’ve picked out two pairs that I adore.  Enjoy staring!!  For hours.  And hours.  And HOURS.  I will be.   Pigalle Pumps in Black

Pigalle Glitter
PS-  Let me know what you think of the dresses and the shoes in the comments!!  Maybe I have terrible taste and this is your solemn duty to let me know and even though it is a harsh and bitter task you will perform it without swerving because you are a true friend and someone, SOMEONE has to let Rose know that those dresses and shoes are awful, JUST awful!
PSS – Please ignore that basically 14 year old looking model in the last dress.  I have no idea why Marchesa is choosing girls who look like infants. 
(Shut UP, jealousy!!!  GOSH.)

Wonderful Times in Philly

January 14, 2010 § 4 Comments

Well, it’s been awhile.  I’m alive, though, don’t worry!  I’ve been planning my sister’s bridal shower (EEEI!  Girly things!) and recovering from a terrible illness in which I had a 103 fever and tonsils the size of my favorite 8lb bowling ball.  I’m better now and back to blogging.  I wrote a little paragraph that I posted right before this.  It’s more of just my personal scribbling than a blog entry.  Hope you like it.

I recently spent a weekend in Philly with my boyfriend Danny and met up with a few friends, including Jaci!  It was a wonderful time and I was sorry when we had to come back.  I love Philadelphia.  It’s so much fun, all bustle and energy and cool shops on one street, and then the next one is some pretty brownstones with trees and old quiet cemeteries.  I’m sure there are some not very pretty parts of Philly, but clearly they hide well. 

Danny and I had an amazing time, going to the museums and eating at several delicious restaurants.  Raw, a sushi place; Estia, the Greek restaurant his cousin Brenna works at; and even the Reading Terminal Market.  We went to a wine bar called Vintage with Brenna and her boyfriend, where Brenna and I split a bottle of white wine and we had some delicious cheese.  Jaci joined Danny and I for dinner at Estia, where every dish was the best I’ve eaten.  Marinated lamb chops, swordfish off the skewer, and fresh fruit with a cherry marmalade and cream were only a few of the dishes we devoured.  Jaci, Danny, and I also went to this comedy club and Danny almost had an asthma attack, he was laughing so hard.  This ticked me off because he didn’t have his inhaler with him, and I TOLD HIM before we left that he should bring it with him!!   Vindication in the form of an asthma attack was mine!!   Anyway.  We split an apple dumpling at the Reading Terminal Market on Saturday afternoon.  It was from an Amish vendor and it was pretty much the most delicious apple thing I have EVER eaten.  Whipped cream, flaky pastry… So good.

We went to Mass on Sunday morning at the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul.  It was simply beautiful inside.  My favorite part was the side altar with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Stunning architecture and stained glass… Gorgeous church.   We stopped at the King of Prussia mall on our way home on Sunday, but didn’t buy anything.  I don’t know who has money for $100 cardigans, but it’s certainly not me.  All in all, an amazing weekend and one I will always remember.  I’d really like to live in Philly, I think.        

 I’m really excited because I’m going skating tonight on the Z’s pond.  Maybe a little pond hockey action will occur, you never know!  Should be awesome, as it always is, and I promise to try not to drown if the ice cracks and I land in 3 feet of water and zero current.  (Danny is really nervous for me.  He doesn’t skate on ponds.  He doesn’t climb trees either.  He also hates roller coasters.  Have I mentioned he’s 90 years old?  He’s probably drinking tea right now.  He took me to a Tea Bar in Philly, did I mention that too?)


January 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

           I’ve found a dragon inside my body.  I’ve touched his armor, scales hardened and blasted by wars.  Chain mail a thousand pieces deep is coating him.  It shines blue, one might say, but others will say it’s a shimmer of crimson red or a deep terrible black.  I have found his claws.  They are sweetly curved and wicked sharp, formed by marble and porcelain together.  They can tear you down or shatter in an instant.  He breathes- this dragon in me.  He seethes and then settles.  I have found his eyes and they have seen me.  It is his life to watch me.  His eyes are open all the time.  There is no bruise to me he does not note; no fall so far that I land out of his sight.  I must not evade and I must be true.  The dragon watches everything I do.  He owns strength as well, and might and power.  A force to be feared because you do not know him.  I have found his wings.  They are still for now.  One can never guess with the dragon, what will cause his wings to beat.  When will he soar?  How can I tell?  This dragon is scaled, ready for battle.  His claws are razors, his eyes always watching, his body is muscled, and his tail is long.  He is mighty and graceful when he rises in flight.  All this and more, the dragon commands.  But there is nothing so quickly forgotten, the moment he opens his mouth.   He screams once and now the flames are spewing.  I have found his fire.  The ultimate weapon of old, the terror that is a dragon, the creature of power and anger and magic, these are all spawned from the fire in his belly.  He screams again and I hear the flames crackling as they explode from him.  Sometimes he screams in anger and those flames are very bright.  They blind me and burn me but they never last.  Only a few times have they lasted long enough to scorch an indelible scar on me, a black streak that fades into terrible coldness.  There are times he screams in sadness, his flames burning hotter than anger.  This sadness leaves no mark, just invisible wounds that I do not like to probe.  And I have found this dragon screaming with love, an inferno of passion pouring from his mouth.  The blazing flames encompass and incinerate me.  It is a fire of sweetness and life and when it consumes me, it is a wonderful death.   Though they say it’s just my heart, I know the truth.  I have found a dragon inside of me.

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