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           I’ve found a dragon inside my body.  I’ve touched his armor, scales hardened and blasted by wars.  Chain mail a thousand pieces deep is coating him.  It shines blue, one might say, but others will say it’s a shimmer of crimson red or a deep terrible black.  I have found his claws.  They are sweetly curved and wicked sharp, formed by marble and porcelain together.  They can tear you down or shatter in an instant.  He breathes- this dragon in me.  He seethes and then settles.  I have found his eyes and they have seen me.  It is his life to watch me.  His eyes are open all the time.  There is no bruise to me he does not note; no fall so far that I land out of his sight.  I must not evade and I must be true.  The dragon watches everything I do.  He owns strength as well, and might and power.  A force to be feared because you do not know him.  I have found his wings.  They are still for now.  One can never guess with the dragon, what will cause his wings to beat.  When will he soar?  How can I tell?  This dragon is scaled, ready for battle.  His claws are razors, his eyes always watching, his body is muscled, and his tail is long.  He is mighty and graceful when he rises in flight.  All this and more, the dragon commands.  But there is nothing so quickly forgotten, the moment he opens his mouth.   He screams once and now the flames are spewing.  I have found his fire.  The ultimate weapon of old, the terror that is a dragon, the creature of power and anger and magic, these are all spawned from the fire in his belly.  He screams again and I hear the flames crackling as they explode from him.  Sometimes he screams in anger and those flames are very bright.  They blind me and burn me but they never last.  Only a few times have they lasted long enough to scorch an indelible scar on me, a black streak that fades into terrible coldness.  There are times he screams in sadness, his flames burning hotter than anger.  This sadness leaves no mark, just invisible wounds that I do not like to probe.  And I have found this dragon screaming with love, an inferno of passion pouring from his mouth.  The blazing flames encompass and incinerate me.  It is a fire of sweetness and life and when it consumes me, it is a wonderful death.   Though they say it’s just my heart, I know the truth.  I have found a dragon inside of me.


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