Wonderful Times in Philly

January 14, 2010 § 4 Comments

Well, it’s been awhile.  I’m alive, though, don’t worry!  I’ve been planning my sister’s bridal shower (EEEI!  Girly things!) and recovering from a terrible illness in which I had a 103 fever and tonsils the size of my favorite 8lb bowling ball.  I’m better now and back to blogging.  I wrote a little paragraph that I posted right before this.  It’s more of just my personal scribbling than a blog entry.  Hope you like it.

I recently spent a weekend in Philly with my boyfriend Danny and met up with a few friends, including Jaci!  It was a wonderful time and I was sorry when we had to come back.  I love Philadelphia.  It’s so much fun, all bustle and energy and cool shops on one street, and then the next one is some pretty brownstones with trees and old quiet cemeteries.  I’m sure there are some not very pretty parts of Philly, but clearly they hide well. 

Danny and I had an amazing time, going to the museums and eating at several delicious restaurants.  Raw, a sushi place; Estia, the Greek restaurant his cousin Brenna works at; and even the Reading Terminal Market.  We went to a wine bar called Vintage with Brenna and her boyfriend, where Brenna and I split a bottle of white wine and we had some delicious cheese.  Jaci joined Danny and I for dinner at Estia, where every dish was the best I’ve eaten.  Marinated lamb chops, swordfish off the skewer, and fresh fruit with a cherry marmalade and cream were only a few of the dishes we devoured.  Jaci, Danny, and I also went to this comedy club and Danny almost had an asthma attack, he was laughing so hard.  This ticked me off because he didn’t have his inhaler with him, and I TOLD HIM before we left that he should bring it with him!!   Vindication in the form of an asthma attack was mine!!   Anyway.  We split an apple dumpling at the Reading Terminal Market on Saturday afternoon.  It was from an Amish vendor and it was pretty much the most delicious apple thing I have EVER eaten.  Whipped cream, flaky pastry… So good.

We went to Mass on Sunday morning at the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul.  It was simply beautiful inside.  My favorite part was the side altar with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Stunning architecture and stained glass… Gorgeous church.   We stopped at the King of Prussia mall on our way home on Sunday, but didn’t buy anything.  I don’t know who has money for $100 cardigans, but it’s certainly not me.  All in all, an amazing weekend and one I will always remember.  I’d really like to live in Philly, I think.        

 I’m really excited because I’m going skating tonight on the Z’s pond.  Maybe a little pond hockey action will occur, you never know!  Should be awesome, as it always is, and I promise to try not to drown if the ice cracks and I land in 3 feet of water and zero current.  (Danny is really nervous for me.  He doesn’t skate on ponds.  He doesn’t climb trees either.  He also hates roller coasters.  Have I mentioned he’s 90 years old?  He’s probably drinking tea right now.  He took me to a Tea Bar in Philly, did I mention that too?)


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§ 4 Responses to Wonderful Times in Philly

  • Walt says:

    I really enjoy reading your stuff!!!

  • Aunt Linda says:

    Rose, If Danny’s 90, I’m sorry, but the age difference is too big!

  • Veronica says:

    where’s my shout out in this post… danny, jaci, and your other friends got name drops and you talked right around me with the ice skating and pond hockey… how are you supposed to transform me into a famous professional nurse athlete when you don’t use my name?! ahahahaha
    skating twas fun despite the insult sustained by my coccyx.
    i suppose that commenting on a blog as sophisticated as yours i should have put forth the effort to use caps and all proper english and punctuate… oh well… i’ll hide behind my jock persona on that one 😉

  • shortside40 says:

    Dad – Thanks!! And thanks for reading it!

    Aunt Linda – I know, we do get a lot of weird looks when we’re out together in public…. Sigh. The things I do for love.

    Veronica – Hahahaha your poor coccyx!! I will make a shout-out to you in my very next post, I promise. Also, now that it’s been really cold for a few days, hopefully the pond will ice up again soon and we can get back out there. Unless you’re too injured… ya red wings fan.

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