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March 26, 2010 § 4 Comments

Fun Friday Facts (but mostly an ode to the sport I love):

1.  In a startling and abrupt financial decision (one made with not nearly the deserved amount of caution, respect, and pre-meditation), I bought it.  I bought the Sephora foundation primer.  I love it.  (Refer to my tale of indecisive woe here.)  It’s working out great for me.  We’re in love, quite frankly, and I think we’ll have a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.  F.P. makes my skin smooth and natural and I shower my hard-earned money upon it.  It’s a win for the both of us!!

2.  I am working at the restaurant tomorrow for the first time in awhile.  Stop by, I’ll escort you to a table and maybe even give you some wine.  Have an espresso mousse disc.  Try the sea bass.  Mediterranean lamb chops?

3.  I love my job.  This is a present I was given by one of the guys the other day.  Be jealous of me, like totally.  

    sound blaster!

4.  Juliana’s wedding is in TWO WEEKS!!  My baby sister!  All grown up and beating me to the altar.  I have to write a toast.  I have to write a wedding toast and despite the prolific amount of talking and writing with which I entertain my waiting public on a near daily basis, I have NOT ONE IDEA for a toast.  I’ll say right now: it is pretty much a certifiable fact that this toast is going to be written in Veronica’s car on the drive to Michigan, two days before the wedding, in a fit of shaky nerves and shakier handwriting, with the aid of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnets from the Portuguese” and an airplane-size Chivas bottle.  (Note to self: start drinking Chivas.  Second note to self: Find out what Chivas is.)

5.  I want these shoes. Brian Atwood shoes Brian Atwood, Net-A-Porter.

6.  Wilkes-Barre Penguins play Norfolk again tonight.  Won 3-0 on Wednesday and are clinging with their lives to a playoff spot.  Lately I’ve really been enjoying this stretch run of the hockey season.   Lord Stanley paid a visit to the Arena the other week.   Well, the Lord’s been long dead, God bless his generous soul, but the Cup was there anyway.  Since I’ve cut back on working in the evening, I’ve actually had a chance to get back in tune with the NHL.  Oh, I’ve always been up-to-date with Pittsburgh, but I was suffering from my lack of attention to the rest of the league.  I missed hockey.  There is seriously nothing like the scrape of blades on ice.  Pucks thudding against the dasher.  Boards rattling.  I love this game.  What could be funnier than hockey pants??  Baseball pants are ugly, I’ve never seen the allure of football pants, and soccer and basketball just have boring old shorts.  Seriously, all you have to see is one guy skating around with his jersey accidentally tucked into the back of his puffy hockey pants and you’ll giggle uncontrollably.  (Hockey fans, I defy you to deny this.)  Hockey has it all.  The strength, in the crushing hits and the fights, combined with the grace of the skaters who can stop, reverse, turn, spin, glide on their blades, knifing across the ice.  The puck caroming off the boards, skidding into the net… goalies sprawled on their backs, stomach, knees, throwing each and every limb out any which way just to stop a puck.  The smack of a slapshot, or the littlest flick of the wrister; a backdoor pass through the crease.  The clank of the puck off the crossbar.  The drop pass in the slot.  Splitting the defenders.  No look passing. (I do not suggest this.)  Overtime goals.  Double overtime in and of itself.   “The name on the front of the jersey”.  Tic-tac-toe plays.  The after-goal hug.  The smell of the ice.  I’ve been a hockey fan for years and years now and there is still nothing like watching that player on your team slam dunk the puck straight into the back of the net.  The red light flares.  Goal horn blares.  Fist pump.  Grin.


Time for Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion

March 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dear readers, I know I promised a continuation of my list from last week, but seriously, I have to write about Paris Fashion Week.  I will return to my list with the very next entry, promise! 

I know some of my readers don’t understand my love for fashion.  Indeed, if you don’t follow fashion, then fashion shows are probably the worst way to lure you in.  The clothes don’t actually look WEARABLE, do they?  To be frank, they look bizarre!  This seems like a strange premise but honestly it really is about the art.  Design.  Color.  The materials, the drape, the cut, the length.  Look at the palettes used, the shapes, the accessories and yes, even the weird shoes.  A lot of the clothes in these links might seem puzzling to you but keep an open mind because there’s a world of stunning silhouettes out there.      

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010-2011:  Marc Jacobs (for good ol’ Louis V.) was absolutely brilliant as he sent out girls wearing skirts and dresses no shorter than calf-length, frilly blouses, nipped-in blazers, and not a set of pants to be found.  Rather than seeming frumpy, he mixed materials and patterns in such as way as to make every outfit enticing to the twenty-first century woman.  Long leather gloves, very fresh make-up, and an overall air of sophistication (probably imbued by a decided lack of sparkles and sequins!!) added to the effortless grace of the girls.  There is a ton of inspiration, especially for my own personal style, just waiting to be discovered in this collection.  (Especially the black velvet trim.  Velvet!  Who knew??)  As a girl who loves to wear skirts, sweaters, and sweetheart necklines, I honestly think it’s my favorite collection so far.     

Chanel Fall/Winter 2010-2011: Well I don’t know about you, but I loved the Yeti suit (now you’re definitely going to look at that link right??)!   I think it’s safe to say that Karl Lagerfeld really wants us to be warm this fall/winter.  And to that, I say, WELL DONE, SIR!  I’m always cold, it’s like a disease or something.  I suffer greatly, beyond all telling.  However, looking at these fuzzy, snuggly ensembles in Chanel’s famous tweed is almost enough to make my hands warm up.  They feature dolmain sleeves, A-line dresses, and enough (fake) fur panels to heat up even me.  And the fur boots!  Love the length.  Love the fact that boots are still hitting the knees and beyond.  (This was also showcased in both Burberry Prorsum’s and Dior’s collections, with all those thigh-high boots.)  Mr. Lagerfeld wants us to jingle and jangle too, I suppose, because he’s decked some of his ladies out with jewelry enough to glam the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.  That’s fine by me.  I love using a statement necklace to add depth and colors to what might otherwise be a simple outfit. 

Chloe Fall/Winter 2010-2011: Beige, it’s not just for car interiors anymore!  Hannah MacGibbon has created a sleek line of neutral pieces for Chloe this year and they’re charming.  When compared to some of the outrageous designs we’ve seen in Paris this year (Balmain, Yves St. Laurent, I’m looking at YOU!), Chloe’s girls are minimalistic and you know what, it’s a relief.  Again we see a lot of blouses, sweaters, and trousers, and I love the thin belts tucked in for detail.  This collection is a mix of some soft tweed material, buttery leather, and charmeuse  fabric.  The girls’ long, flowing tresses soften the bareness of the colors and cuts, and feminize them as well.  The simple makeup look is lovely here, too.

It may seem to you, dear readers, that I have shown three very similar collections.  It’s kind of true, but that’s my style, that’s what I love, and I don’t have time to show every single dang house from Fashion Week.  So you get three that I love, and honorable mentions go to the above-referenced Dior and Burberry Prorsum collections.


PS- I didn’t forget part of my promise in the last post!!   Having finished Pride and Prejudice, now on my Kindle I am reading “The Eye of the World”.  A high fantasy novel, the first in the Wheel of Time series.

Time To Be Continued

March 10, 2010 § 7 Comments

Let us take this blog entry (first in awhile, I’m sorry faithful readers!) and put it in the form of a list. 

Things I am doing, need to do, and probably should start thinking about doing:

1.  Being a better Godmother (does that need to be capitalized?  I checked The Google but found no definitive answer).  I don’t know why I have been thinking about this lately, but I feel like it’s really been weighing on my heart.   I am Godmother to my little sister Genevieve, who will be 9 on April 18th.  It’s just been something I’ve been thinking about lately, that being a Godmother is a responsibility conferred on me during her Baptism and something that I shouldn’t just take lightly.  (I got to hold her up on the altar, she was so cute and chubby!!)  To that end, I am getting her a Bible of her very own for her birthday.  My Bible was given to me by my Dad for First Holy Communion I believe, and I have always cherished that.  Its binding is cracked now and pages are slightly torn and stuff, but man that Bible has BEEN places.   I took it to any and all retreats I went on, to the beach most years, Camp St. Andrew, Camp Orchard Hill, PMBC, and I even took it on my cross-country road trip back in ’03.  It’s very special to me.  Anyway, so I am giving Gen a Bible and I hope to start being a Godmother to her more actively!

 2.  On a COMPLETELY different note (and a much more frivolous one, I might add), I crave more make-up.  I want to buy a dark green eye shadow, because I’d just really love to see what it does to my light blue eyes.  Not really a pine green, more of a darker olive green.  I think I want to buy it from MAC because I love their powder.  Also, make-up brushes.  I want to buy more.  Do I need more?  Not exactly.  I mean, mine are older and the bristles are not what they once were, but they’re still totally usable… it’s just… I want new ones!  But I don’t want to spend the money.  But I want them and will get good use out of them every single day.  But they are expensive and I should save my money for more important things.  Fie!!  I don’t know what to do.  Further dithering is required.  And I recently got a free sample (FREE!) of this really nice foundation primer from Sephora.   (For the un-initiated: Sephora is a make-up store created by the gods of the underworld to tempt and wreak havoc in that battlefield I charmingly refer to as ‘my bank account’!)  Now, I don’t normally wear primer under my foundation.  I have to be honest, I have decent skin.  It may lean toward dryness, but other than that, I don’t really break out, and my skin color is pretty even naturally, although a bit too pale.  But this foundation primer is AMAZING.  It dries rapidly, is silky smooth, and definitely helps even out my foundation.  I NEED IT NOW.  Did I need it three days ago?  No.  Ye gads Sephora, I curse thee!!!!!!    

3.  Spring is fast approaching and that means my sister’s wedding!!  The bridal shower was excellent, thanks for wondering, and everyone has told me they enjoyed it immensely.  That makes me so happy because all I wanted to do was have people who love Juliana come together and share in her happiness.  I think it worked.  The wedding is April 10th and I still have no idea whose car I’m taking out there, when I’m leaving, or what in the heck I should pack to wear other than my maid of honor dress.  Gah!  Hence this item’s place on the ‘things I need to think about’ list. 

This list is only three items and I have ever so many more things I could add, but my typical long-winded writing style has forced me to end it here.  Perhaps it shall be my first TO BE CONTINUED post!!  A ‘cliffhanger’, if you will!!

And as a little extra tidbit of my life for you all, at the end of every blog post here on out, I shall update you as to which book I am reading on my Kindle at that moment!  Gosh it’s exciting to own a Kindle.  Danny is the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER.  I am reading Pride and Prejudice on my Kindle right now.  I just finished The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  I rock.  The End.

PS – Completely random and merely for your enjoyment:

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