Time for Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion

March 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dear readers, I know I promised a continuation of my list from last week, but seriously, I have to write about Paris Fashion Week.  I will return to my list with the very next entry, promise! 

I know some of my readers don’t understand my love for fashion.  Indeed, if you don’t follow fashion, then fashion shows are probably the worst way to lure you in.  The clothes don’t actually look WEARABLE, do they?  To be frank, they look bizarre!  This seems like a strange premise but honestly it really is about the art.  Design.  Color.  The materials, the drape, the cut, the length.  Look at the palettes used, the shapes, the accessories and yes, even the weird shoes.  A lot of the clothes in these links might seem puzzling to you but keep an open mind because there’s a world of stunning silhouettes out there.      

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010-2011:  Marc Jacobs (for good ol’ Louis V.) was absolutely brilliant as he sent out girls wearing skirts and dresses no shorter than calf-length, frilly blouses, nipped-in blazers, and not a set of pants to be found.  Rather than seeming frumpy, he mixed materials and patterns in such as way as to make every outfit enticing to the twenty-first century woman.  Long leather gloves, very fresh make-up, and an overall air of sophistication (probably imbued by a decided lack of sparkles and sequins!!) added to the effortless grace of the girls.  There is a ton of inspiration, especially for my own personal style, just waiting to be discovered in this collection.  (Especially the black velvet trim.  Velvet!  Who knew??)  As a girl who loves to wear skirts, sweaters, and sweetheart necklines, I honestly think it’s my favorite collection so far.     

Chanel Fall/Winter 2010-2011: Well I don’t know about you, but I loved the Yeti suit (now you’re definitely going to look at that link right??)!   I think it’s safe to say that Karl Lagerfeld really wants us to be warm this fall/winter.  And to that, I say, WELL DONE, SIR!  I’m always cold, it’s like a disease or something.  I suffer greatly, beyond all telling.  However, looking at these fuzzy, snuggly ensembles in Chanel’s famous tweed is almost enough to make my hands warm up.  They feature dolmain sleeves, A-line dresses, and enough (fake) fur panels to heat up even me.  And the fur boots!  Love the length.  Love the fact that boots are still hitting the knees and beyond.  (This was also showcased in both Burberry Prorsum’s and Dior’s collections, with all those thigh-high boots.)  Mr. Lagerfeld wants us to jingle and jangle too, I suppose, because he’s decked some of his ladies out with jewelry enough to glam the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.  That’s fine by me.  I love using a statement necklace to add depth and colors to what might otherwise be a simple outfit. 

Chloe Fall/Winter 2010-2011: Beige, it’s not just for car interiors anymore!  Hannah MacGibbon has created a sleek line of neutral pieces for Chloe this year and they’re charming.  When compared to some of the outrageous designs we’ve seen in Paris this year (Balmain, Yves St. Laurent, I’m looking at YOU!), Chloe’s girls are minimalistic and you know what, it’s a relief.  Again we see a lot of blouses, sweaters, and trousers, and I love the thin belts tucked in for detail.  This collection is a mix of some soft tweed material, buttery leather, and charmeuse  fabric.  The girls’ long, flowing tresses soften the bareness of the colors and cuts, and feminize them as well.  The simple makeup look is lovely here, too.

It may seem to you, dear readers, that I have shown three very similar collections.  It’s kind of true, but that’s my style, that’s what I love, and I don’t have time to show every single dang house from Fashion Week.  So you get three that I love, and honorable mentions go to the above-referenced Dior and Burberry Prorsum collections.


PS- I didn’t forget part of my promise in the last post!!   Having finished Pride and Prejudice, now on my Kindle I am reading “The Eye of the World”.  A high fantasy novel, the first in the Wheel of Time series.


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