One-Timer from the Slot

March 26, 2010 § 4 Comments

Fun Friday Facts (but mostly an ode to the sport I love):

1.  In a startling and abrupt financial decision (one made with not nearly the deserved amount of caution, respect, and pre-meditation), I bought it.  I bought the Sephora foundation primer.  I love it.  (Refer to my tale of indecisive woe here.)  It’s working out great for me.  We’re in love, quite frankly, and I think we’ll have a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.  F.P. makes my skin smooth and natural and I shower my hard-earned money upon it.  It’s a win for the both of us!!

2.  I am working at the restaurant tomorrow for the first time in awhile.  Stop by, I’ll escort you to a table and maybe even give you some wine.  Have an espresso mousse disc.  Try the sea bass.  Mediterranean lamb chops?

3.  I love my job.  This is a present I was given by one of the guys the other day.  Be jealous of me, like totally.  

    sound blaster!

4.  Juliana’s wedding is in TWO WEEKS!!  My baby sister!  All grown up and beating me to the altar.  I have to write a toast.  I have to write a wedding toast and despite the prolific amount of talking and writing with which I entertain my waiting public on a near daily basis, I have NOT ONE IDEA for a toast.  I’ll say right now: it is pretty much a certifiable fact that this toast is going to be written in Veronica’s car on the drive to Michigan, two days before the wedding, in a fit of shaky nerves and shakier handwriting, with the aid of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnets from the Portuguese” and an airplane-size Chivas bottle.  (Note to self: start drinking Chivas.  Second note to self: Find out what Chivas is.)

5.  I want these shoes. Brian Atwood shoes Brian Atwood, Net-A-Porter.

6.  Wilkes-Barre Penguins play Norfolk again tonight.  Won 3-0 on Wednesday and are clinging with their lives to a playoff spot.  Lately I’ve really been enjoying this stretch run of the hockey season.   Lord Stanley paid a visit to the Arena the other week.   Well, the Lord’s been long dead, God bless his generous soul, but the Cup was there anyway.  Since I’ve cut back on working in the evening, I’ve actually had a chance to get back in tune with the NHL.  Oh, I’ve always been up-to-date with Pittsburgh, but I was suffering from my lack of attention to the rest of the league.  I missed hockey.  There is seriously nothing like the scrape of blades on ice.  Pucks thudding against the dasher.  Boards rattling.  I love this game.  What could be funnier than hockey pants??  Baseball pants are ugly, I’ve never seen the allure of football pants, and soccer and basketball just have boring old shorts.  Seriously, all you have to see is one guy skating around with his jersey accidentally tucked into the back of his puffy hockey pants and you’ll giggle uncontrollably.  (Hockey fans, I defy you to deny this.)  Hockey has it all.  The strength, in the crushing hits and the fights, combined with the grace of the skaters who can stop, reverse, turn, spin, glide on their blades, knifing across the ice.  The puck caroming off the boards, skidding into the net… goalies sprawled on their backs, stomach, knees, throwing each and every limb out any which way just to stop a puck.  The smack of a slapshot, or the littlest flick of the wrister; a backdoor pass through the crease.  The clank of the puck off the crossbar.  The drop pass in the slot.  Splitting the defenders.  No look passing. (I do not suggest this.)  Overtime goals.  Double overtime in and of itself.   “The name on the front of the jersey”.  Tic-tac-toe plays.  The after-goal hug.  The smell of the ice.  I’ve been a hockey fan for years and years now and there is still nothing like watching that player on your team slam dunk the puck straight into the back of the net.  The red light flares.  Goal horn blares.  Fist pump.  Grin.


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§ 4 Responses to One-Timer from the Slot

  • Walt says:

    Awesome post, Rose! I especially enjoyed your writing in the hockey paragraph.
    Though I realize you don’t have thousands of readers of your blog, I (gently) suggest you should have linked The Cafe’s website when you mentioned the restaurant. I’m sure Jeff would have appreciated it too!

  • shortside40 says:

    Thanks, Dad. I just edited it so that the link is there. I should’ve thought of that. Ah well, I said in like my first post that it was a rigorous blogging world… 🙂

  • Veronica says:

    I don’t know what chivas is… but before you start drinking it in my car while we drive you should probably find out if that’s legal. Jul would not be amused by a phone call from a jail cell in central PA 2 days before her wedding. The fact that it transpired in the act of writing her a toast might work in our favor, but if it’s all the same to you I’d prefer to not find out. 🙂

  • shortside40 says:

    Oh Veronica, you always come up with such sensible ideas. I suppose I agree.

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