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“When I was driving just this day, I saw a plane lift and fly.  It winked at me and seemed to say, I can carry you away.  And I wondered when it disappeared, into the starry dark of night, if the words I clearly heard were words I loved or words I feared.  Has there ever been such a song, that changed your mind and swept you fast along and kept you right or led you wrong?  A day or year or life ago, I saw a bird on wing, over my head and I don’t know, why it felt compelled to fly so low.  The saddest part was the yearning sky, above the span of soaring wings, so open and empty it seemed to cry because the bird would not wind that high.  The very taste of air was missed, the bird stayed low and strong, the feathers and the earth had kissed, and the whole wide world was dismissed.  (When words are hollow and start to dim, when like arrows they find a mark, when they starve and grow so thin, then I start to wonder what’s within.)  But that bird and I, we have found, when your feet are planted firm, that there is safety on the ground and there is no fear of crashing down.  There are ties that bind and cling, and there will always be another way; there will always be that bird on wing, there will always be a next best thing.  I could pause and try to breathe; I could chance it all away; I could gasp and try to leave.  Or I could keep my heart with me.”


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