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May 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

           The Flyers and the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals 2010??  If there is a person who bet on that outcome, I would like to meet you.  Please come forward and I will shake your hand.  And this does NOT include all the Flyers fans in the area who don’t mention their team AT ALL in the regular season, but as soon as they start winning in the playoffs, burst out of the woodwork and into my Facebook feed just like those annoying, grammatically disastrous ‘Like’ groups.  Gah.  You know who I mean, those Flyers fans who couldn’t tell me who their starting goalie was back in November or who Chris Pronger played for before the Flyers, but once the playoff wins start rolling in they claim to be all “Yeahhhh Flyers, woo, Broad Street baby!  Philadelphia!!”   It’s true, they are like that!  It’s bitter, but also true.  But definitely bitter too.  Think aspirin if you chew it, or coffee, black.  Oh well, you guys enjoy.  Your moment is sweet, I’m sure, but never forget, the dynasty that Pittsburgh is in the midst of creating will be marching on long after the Flyers spin through another goaltending carousel ride and usher in a few more slow-moving ungainly defensemen.

          Despite the turmoil of this aspirin/black coffee world, I mustered up the strength of heart to take Pete and Gen ice skating at the new rink in Wilkes-Barre on Saturday.  For the natives reading my blog, it’s the new rink on Coal Street that the Penguins took over and it’s really nice inside.  The cost is $6 for public skate, $9 if you need to rent skates.  The ice there is awesome, really, really great.  My skates are in desperate need of sharpening because I skated on the pond a couple times this past winter with them, but other than that, we had a wonderful time.  Gen clutched the boards with her purple mittens and grinned like she’d won a gold medal, even though her accumulated skating probably totaled a mere 20 feet of back-and-forth.  Pete was a little braver in his black hockey skates.  He did some laps and grew more confident every time.  The rink was almost empty and so we took advantage of it with a short game of imaginary hockey.  I crouched down in the crease as the goaltender (although I’m sure Jacques Plante rolled over in his grave at the sight of me in my pristine figure skates, blue jeans, and Penn State hoody masquerading in the blue paint) and Pete skated in towards me and faked a few shots.  We both went sprawling on the ice but Pete was insistent the invisible puck was in the net.  And who was I to say otherwise, my great success at pond hockey notwithstanding?    

          Yesterday was Danny’s softball game out back behind Brew’s Brothers.  The sun was sweltering at first, but some clouds rolled in just in time and a cool breeze picked up.  Unfortunately, the guys’ bats didn’t and they ended up on the wrong end of a 6-1 game.  Still, not too shabby from a team I used to watch get 20-run-ruled every game for a whole summer.  They’ll get it eventually.  I couldn’t possibly tell you why I enjoy a beer league softball game so much.  Danny plays, which may be one reason.  Maybe.  (Although last week when he was playing drunk, it definitely wasn’t any part of the reason!!)  Maybe it’s because I like rooting for guys who play with heart, who want to win every time but have a blast even though they lose.  Or maybe it’s just because I sit there, wearing my dark green Sliderz Softball t-shirt with my name and Danny’s number on it, and I look around at the people and I think, I remember that this is my life, this is where I am.  And I am okay with that.  It’s good.    

          And life rolls on, doesn’t it, and all of the sudden it’s the middle of May and I haven’t blogged in almost a month.  I’m sorry for that; it was never my intention to stop blogging for a month.  Of course, it’s never really my intention to write, either.  The only reason I even have this blog is because sometimes I just need to write.  Lately though, the things rolling through my mind and my heart, the inner feelings I want to scribble down, weren’t anything I felt like sharing on the World Wide Web.  Too much has happened to even think about condensing into a blog and anyway, I wouldn’t do that.  Sometimes, life gets personal and I have never confused my blog for a diary.  Dang it though, I forgot to blog about how I went to the King of Prussia mall and got a straw hat!!! It’s a fedora style, with a black ribbon, and it looks so cute!!!!  Perhaps I will post a picture!  And also my friend Matt’s been playing a Happy Hour at the Café every Friday from like 6-9pm or something close to that.  You should absolutely come by if you live in the area because Matt’s an awesome guitar player and singer, and chances are I will be there to pour you a glass of red and bring you some bruschetta!  And then you will tip me.  And throw money in a hat for him. 

PS – My Kindle.  I love it.  Do yourself a favor and buy it.  Even though your dad might make fun of you and say to you every single dang time he sees you reading an actual book: “Reading a real book for once, huh Rose!”  Just a warning.  Anyway, right now I’m reading The Island of Doctor Moreau by HG Wells.  It’s supposed to be really, you know, symbolic and have undercurrents about evolution and human nature and good and evil and such, but really I’m reading it because it was free and it’s really, really creepy and spine-tingly weird.  Not crazy creepy like Stephen King, whom I intensely dislike because he’s so gross and uses way too many injured-abused-murdered children in his books, but creepy like scientific and just strange.  It’s really good.  If you feel like being all, “Oh yeah I read classics.  Readin’ some HG Wells right now, booyah to you, loser dude who just picked up Car & Driver”, then read The Island of Doctor Moreau.


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