Impromptu Beach Vacation Time? Why, Yes!

June 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

What are your plans for the weekend?  Do they involve crisp ocean breezes, soft beaches, and glistening green waves?  Mine do! It’s an impromptu trip because my mom just told me the other night that the family is going down.  Sometimes those are the best kind though.  No expectations, no mighty plans, just me and the sand and the waves!  And the sea gulls.  Ugh.  Although I could definitely live at the beach all summer long, I know I would miss skiing and the mountains in the winter.  I’ve thought about this dilemma before and I’ve often come to the conclusion that the perfect life for me would be six months at the beach and six months at a ski resort chateau.  (If only! ) My lucky family gets to go down to the beach for a whole seven days, but I only get the weekend.  That’s okay though.  Enough is as good as a feast, right?  I will drive down tonight with Pete and Genevieve and return home Sunday night by myself.  It’s only a three hour drive so I won’t have a problem driving it by myself.  Cathy’s making me a CD right now of all my latest favorite country songs.  I’ll just pop that in tonight, roll the windows down for a bit of a breeze, and soon I will smell the salt of the marshes!!  I’m so excited!  I have a bottle of white wine that’s just been waiting for the right occasion.  I can think of none better than sitting on the porch of the beach house tomorrow evening, enjoying the salty ocean breeze, hearing the roar of the waves, and reading my Kindle while I sip wine. 

Here are just a bunch of random little details that are hovering around in my mind right now.  I bought some more stickers.  (I tape them onto my back windows because I have a leased car so I can’t put any bumper stickers on it.)  These are my two favorites from the Rock For Life website and since they’re only a $1.00 apiece, I bought them both!


I’ve had the second one on my car for awhile, but it ripped and fell off and I just got around now to buying the replacement.  

I found the following quote when I was reading Les Miserables and I thought it was worth repeating:  “The most divine of human generosities: the expiation for others.” – Les Miserables. 




I learned a new word today.  It’s: encomium.  And it means a formal expression of high praise.  I’ll have to find the proper setting to use it because I like it already.  I like words with some bite to them, and encomium has it.  They used it in the book I have been reading lately on my Kindle.  The book is called His Majesty’s Dragon, and I highly recommend it.  It starts out with the usual premise of a man who finds a dragon’s egg and the when it hatches, they bond, etc etc… But the writing is superb.  The author is very good at putting emotions into words without seeming cheesy.  The dragon and his handler have to join the war that is being fought in Britain at the time, and it’s mostly about their adventures training for and in the battles.  It’s a very good novel, especially if you love dragons like I do.  I think my love affair with dragons started in 8th grade when I read The Hobbit, with Smaug the dragon.  Ever since then, I’ve loved any kind of novel about these mythical creatures.  They can be written in so many ways!  There are evil, treasure hoarding dragons who plunder villages, or warrior dragons who fight stunning aerial battles, or brave, strong, true dragons who love their handlers and just want to help them.  There’s nothing like a good dragon tale.  Okay, I’m going to stop sounding like an adolescent boy now.

More after my weekend at the beach!!  And hopefully some pictures too.


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