Tempus Fugit For Sure

September 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Time Flies


Suddenly my autumn calendar doesn’t look so empty.  All it takes is a few days and one or two changes of plans and boom, I have no free weekends until the beginning of November!  This is a good thing, though, definitely good.

Let’s start with this weekend.  I’m going out to Mount Savior Monastery, in Elmira, NY, with Mom and other women from community for a spiritual retreat weekend.  I’m hoping for a peaceful time with lots of guidance from the Holy Spirit.  Please pray for me!  I’m also taking a few snacks because those monks have more willpower than me when it comes to not eating between meals.  I can’t help it!  I have high metabolism! (Blatant excuse.)


Aerial view of Mt. Savior

 Next weekend is busy, but it’s the annoying kind of busy that comes from me working at the restaurant and babysitting all weekend long.  So let’s not bore you all with those details.  Moving on…

Weekend after that is Oct 9th & 10th and that means… Hockey is back!!  The Penguins open their regular season against the Hershey Bears on the 9th, and you’ll know where to find me that night.  I am very excited for hockey season to start again, especially because of the NHL’s Winter Classic.  It’s an outdoor hockey game and it’ll be played this year in Pittsburgh on New Year’s Day.  The big Pens are playing the Capitals so we can all be prepared for an overdose of Crosby vs. Ovechkin hype.  All I have to say about that is… Who has the Stanley Cup ring, eh?  Who captained their team to the championship and won, eh?  Yeah that’s right.  Ahem.  Also occurring that weekend is my trip to Gettysburg with Danny on the 10th.  This is our little celebration of our three year anniversary.  Three years.  Who’d have thought I could stand him for that long?  It gets tougher every day, really. 


Pregnant Jul!!!

And then, the weekend after that is the weekend that I am flying out to Michigan to visit Jul & Daniel!!  I could not be more excited for this trip, seeing as Jul is going to be 7 months pregnant!!!  Pretty crazy.  I hope we get to do a ton of shopping for baby stuff.  I’m also aware that I’m wading deep into the heart of Red Wings territory, but have no fear.  I’m taking my Penguins hat and my pepper spray.

Um, I think the next weekend I’m working again all weekend… yes, skipping right along. (If only I could do that in real life!)


Me being busy. I seem to have sprouted 5 arms.

And then for the final weekend in October, I’ll be attending a wedding!  Yes, another one!  That will make it my 3rd this summer.  Mary Yanik, a friend of mine since, well, birth, is getting married!  This wedding should be so much fun because I’m sure there will be people there I haven’t seen in ages.  I can’t wait to catch up with all the girls and do some dancing.  And maybe a little wine drinking.  Only a little, don’t worry!  Hmm a fall wedding… what to wear??  What to wear…. Well, I guess I know what guidance I’ll be asking the Holy Spirit for this weekend. 

Just kidding!! 😉     

ps- I’m thinking my cream colored turtleneck sweaterdress.  It hits my knee and has short sleeves but I can wear it with a black sweater.  And then I’ll be able to wear my totally cute black ruffle heels.  With gold and diamond jewelry to brighten up the palette.  Gray smoky eyes?  Gold shimmery eyes?  It’ll be a game time decision.


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