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October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Baby gear!

Baby gear!

A mountain-free horizon, bitter winds, and a guy with a mullet and a Red Wings jacket greeted my arrival in Detroit’s airport last Friday night.  Despite the inauspicious beginning, my weekend trip to visit Jul and Daniel was wonderful.  Jul is looking so pregnant now that she’s in her seventh month!  It was amazing to be able to feel the baby moving around and kicking.  Daniel has this weird thing against soccer (strange, right?) but I assured the little one that if they wanted to play soccer, I’d help make it happen.  And don’t worry, I’ve started searching the Internets for the best in baby Penguins gear!  There’s no way I’d let my poor innocent nephew or niece start life out as a Wings fan.  Once they reach the age of reason, they can make that decision if they feel a (strange, incomprehensible) need to, but until then, they’ll be a proper Pittsburgh-loving, Crosby-cheering Penguins fan. 

Jul and I managed to register her for some baby stuff, including a stroller that looks like an armored tank and can transform into so many different things I was surprised a rocket ship wasn’t one of them.  On Saturday night, we had a surprise birthday party for Tara, who turns 21 this week.  I stalled her in the car while Jul and Daniel went in to meet everyone.  I pretended to lose my earring and asked her to help me find it, when I had actually hidden it in the cuff of my boot.  I was rather proud of my subterfuge skills, can’t lie.  After the party, Daniel, George, Nathan and I played a rousing game of Scrabble.  Daniel won**.  George, Nathan, and I scoffed.  Nathan used the word rood.  I was impressed.  I spoke to him later about my idea for an “Archaic, Antiquated, Ye Olde English Words Only” Scrabble game and he seemed amenable to the suggestion.  Details to follow.  (**cheated.)  Here is my incredibly well-depicted artistic take on our rousing Scrabble game:

Can you tell who everyone is??
Can you guess who everyone is??


On Sunday Jul and I attended Daniel’s youth group night, called Project 203.  It was very inspiring: it was fun and light-hearted, but you could definitely tell that you were there to pray and worship Jesus.  In person Daniel seems…ah, a bit… airheaded (love you, brother-in-law!)…  but when he gets onstage in front of that microphone with a guitar, he transforms.  He was very good with the kids and I enjoyed the whole thing.  One of the things I miss about working at the school is working with the middle-schoolers.  Might sound crazy, but I enjoy them.   After that ended, we had some people over the apartment to play games and drink a little.  Dave brought up some wine and greasy, cheesy snack food, which seems to be becoming a pattern when I see him at Jul & Daniel’s house (re: wedding after-party when he arrived bearing gifts of juicy cheeseburgers and hot fries).  That’s my kind of pattern.   

The Pattern
The Pattern


Monday morning, Jul and I stopped by to visit the Child Development Center where she works.  I played with the little babies for awhile and let them crawl all over me.  She works with the 11 month old to about 18 month old kids (I think).  They were so cute and funny, toddling around dragging blankets and toys wherever they went.   After that, we did a little more shopping and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing at the house.  My flight got delayed several times and it was after 10pm before I finally boarded and was on my way back to PA.

It was so great to be able to see Jul again (especially since I don’t think I will be able to get back out there until she actually has the baby) and to see Daniel and all my Michigan friends.  Even though it’s hard to have Jul ten hours away, I know she’s happy and content out there.  Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to smuggle my contraband Penguins baby onesies into their house after the baby is born.  Hmmm…


baby gear!




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