Who are You, Literally?

March 17, 2011 § 10 Comments

        I had high hopes for this post, readers.  I had plans to make it spectacular.  I put so much effort into it and when I was done it was all like sand before the wind.  Ephemeral, unable to triumph, gone in a flash.  How fitting it should be on this blog. 

        I had made up a quiz for you!  Who doesn’t like quizzes?  Who doesn’t enjoy finding out when you’re going to die, or your secret inner animal, or how Emo you are (a respectable 83%, thank you)!  Quizzes are awesome and fun and they fritter away time better than anything!  I worked so hard on this quiz, I worked on it for days and days and then when I tried to make it into a post, WordPress threw a boulder at my heart.

        Embedding.  That’s my issue.  WordPress, being an evil, beastly, archaic program (Honestly, I have never had a problem with WordPress until this) won’t allow me to embed my quiz.  It only allows you to embed from a list of about 10 sites.  IS IT NOT 2011???  The whole world wide web to use and WordPress has an internal whitelist of 10 websites for embedding!?  I was crushed, readers.  I could not embed my quiz on my blog.  I had plans to embed it and then surround it with pictures I drew that related to the questions.  Well, that’s not going to work.  So instead, here is the link to my quiz: Who Are You, Literally?    It has to do with Harry Potter, Twilight, and Pride & Prejudice!!  Trust me, it’s a great quiz.  Take it now.  I’m not telling you any more about it, you’ll just have to take it.  And so you’re all not terribly disappointed by the lack of quiz photos, I made a little mini-series of what happened when I tried to embed the quiz.  I’m sure I’m missing a few details, but as you will see, I was lost in a white-hot, obliterating fit of rage.  So you’re lucky to get these few pictures.  Take the quiz first, though.  Otherwise, it’s cheating and you won’t properly appreciate all I went through.  Plus the quiz is awesome.  It’s literary, funny, and uses pop culture references!  What’s not to love?  Comment on here and let me know your results!!

Don’t even think about looking at these pictures of my adrenaline-fueled rampage before you take The Quiz

It's a beautiful day in the blogosphere!


If you’ve scrolled down this far, you’ve clearly already taken the Who are You, Literally? quiz, therefore I’ll give a brief explanation of these pictures.  I have a startling tendency to turn into someone completely different from my normal self when I’m upset.  I become irritable, short-tempered, unforgiving, and in general: a GRUMPS.  This is a rare sighting of Grumps because normally he only comes around when I’m hungry or tired.  In this case though, I was so outraged by WordPress, Grumps honestly took control.  I wasn’t myself when I did these things.  I was Grumps.

Dismay and anger!!


Did you take the quiz??  You better comment and let me know your result.

Knocking furniture over is always the first sign that Grumps is stirring inside my soul.






Who are you to say no to Grumps!?



Grumps is satisfied; the danger passes. The sky lightens.

If you’ve made it this far, be proud.  Not many survive such a close encounter with Grumps.  He’s highly volatile and prone to irrational behavior.  But you did it.  You’re safe down here at the bottom of the blog.  Oh, what’s that below you??  No, not Grumps, it’s the comment box!  Tell me, what result did you get on the quiz?  🙂  I was Pride & Prejudice, of course.


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§ 10 Responses to Who are You, Literally?

  • Danny says:

    My Result: The Twilight Series
    on quiz: Who are You Literally?
    You are the Twilight series! You have basically no self-esteem, you lack any sort of real friendship, and your boyfriend is really creepy. You get everything you desire, yet your life is somehow never anything but dark and dismal. Perhaps you need to drink more cough syrup.


    This was clearly intended for Women.

  • mom says:

    I’m Pride and Prejudice. I’m also glad I was able to pour the balm of sisterly love into your wounded bosom, Rose. Capital, capital!!!

  • Frac says:

    I was also Pride and Prejudice!

    “You are the classic novel Pride & Prejudice. You are a strong, determined person with easy self-confidence and grace. No one will be able to rattle you quickly. However, you have to take care to guard against your conceit! Remember, no one likes an arrogant buffoon!”

    That’s me to a T. I am truly the trifecta of feminine grace, charm, and wit.

  • Callie says:

    My Result: Pride & Prejudice
    on quiz: Who are You Literally?
    You are the classic novel Pride & Prejudice. You are a strong, determined person with easy self-confidence and grace. No one will be able to rattle you quickly. However, you have to take care to guard against your conceit! Remember, no one likes an arrogant buffoon!

    How ’bout that Rose! I didn’t end up with HP or Twilight..shocking. Maybe I’ll actually have to give Pride and Prejudice a read now….lol

  • Cathy says:

    Pride & Prejudice.
    -_- I don’t know how I ended up with that answer, seeing as I pretty much picked all the Twilight ones, because none of them applied to me. 😛

  • admin says:

    Genevieve says:

    Pride and Prejudice was mine. I am happy! because i love Pride and Prejudice ( the movie ) 🙂

  • admin says:

    Pete says: I was of course… Harry Potter! I enjoy weird spells, and sneaking into a room flurting with the girl I like. 🙂

  • Veronica says:

    perhaps you should use a website for the 21st century 😉 like blogger.com, by google… anything done by google is obviously amazing!

  • Veronica says:

    Also, I got Pride & Prejudice… which I was nearly surprised by because I had to continue choosing against all dancing options and I obviously couldn’t vote for a white something or other gown, or a robe… I was nervous that I may be labeled a twi or that which must not be named but I pulled it out at the end of the quiz and this run on sentence 🙂

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