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June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Such a wonderful and true post from Marc at BadCatholic that I had to repost!  He talks about the strangeness of receiving the Eucharist.  How we become ‘addicted’ to it.  It’s so true.  I have learned from the past year or so, when I’ve been trying to get to Mass at least twice a week, that the more you receive the Eucharist, the more you crave it!  He says:

“Augustine’s whole idea can be restated for the modern world as, “I was content breathing in oxygen, but you set my lungs on fire with your love, and now I can barely stand breathing anything else!  I was doing fine living, making money, eating and drinking, having sex and watching TV, but you rudely made “being fine” ridiculously banal, and now I want this very agitation, this desire, this hunger that pushes me towards you.” So yes, we’re Eucharistic addicts, not only because the Eucharist elevates us to new spiritual heights, but also because it makes life without the Eucharist unthinkable.”

Read it all here.

A very cool little anecdote from Father Z: “Pope Benedict, the lark, and the raven“.

Here is something truly terrible, which shows the hypocrisy of a culture that brandishes their buzzwords of tolerance and equality and yet cannot even give it to others.  For shame.

To end on a better note, here is Pope Benedict’s homily from the Mass celebrated for his 60th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood.  It looks long, but it’s an easy read.  Do take it all in!  Quote:

“No longer servants, but friends”: this saying contains within itself the entire programme of a priestly life. What is friendship? Idem velle, idem nolle – wanting the same things, rejecting the same things: this was how it was expressed in antiquity. Friendship is a communion of thinking and willing. The Lord says the same thing to us most insistently: “I know my own and my own know me” (Jn 10:14). The Shepherd calls his own by name (cf. Jn 10:3). He knows me by name. I am not just some nameless being in the infinity of the universe. He knows me personally. Do I know him?”


 St. Wenceslaus, pray for us!


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