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July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately.  I’ve been going non-stop.  Summertime is supposed to be about relaxation, isn’t it?  I don’t mean to complain though.  I’ve been having fun.  🙂 

Here, read this lovely little story about Sidney Crosby.  It’s very touching.  Also, I like the Penguins’ signing of Steve Sullivan.  He always caught my eye on the Preds.  Veteran.  Can put up points if he stays healthy.  Hard-working, gritty, just like the rest of the team.  But will he stay healthy??   

Here is a good article about the face-lift received by the Florida Panthers this off-season.  Will these signings make me actually remember a Panthers game more than 5 seconds after one ends?  Stay tuned…

Longer post coming up soon!


Oh, why not have a (turned into mainly Catholic) linkfest??  Cheers!

For all my friends attending World Youth Day!  Over 1 million people are expected to attend the closing Mass.  So cool.  And they apparently will be using the famous Monstrance of Arfe for Eucharistic Adoration!  It is almost 9 feet tall, made of gold and silver, and dates from the 15th century.  Video of the monstrance:

Pope Benedict talks about art: “Never separate artistic creativity from truth and charity; never seek beauty far from truth and charity, but with the richness of your genius, of your creative impulse, be always courageous seekers of truth and witnesses of charity.”

I found a post with which I agree very much, on Fr. Dwight’s blog: “Stop and consider that the real saints are hidden. They follow the little way. If you were to tell them they were a saint they would laugh and tell you to keep searching. If you even had the sense and discernment to see the saint next to you–the ordinary person who perseveres–the little person who serves others–the plain Jane who takes life easily and simply loves people, then you would learn again what true holiness really is. If we only had eyes to see the simplicity of the saints, the extraordinary ordinariness of holiness, the practical good humor and humility of the truly grace filled ones.”

New York’s Archbishop Timothy Dolan has some interesting and inspiring afterthoughts: “…the Church neither has nor wants political “clout.”   As Cardinal John O’Connor commented, “The only ‘clout’ the Church really has is God’s Truth, the assurance of His grace, and the simple yet sincere conviction of our people.”  Blessed John Paul II again reminds us that “The Church never imposes, she only proposes.”  And as our current Holy Father has often observed, all the Church wants is its freedom to serve humanity by bringing the light of the gospel to the world.  But… we do worry indeed about this freedom of religion.  Editorials already call for the removal of guarantees of religious liberty, with crusaders calling for people of faith to be coerced to acceptance of this redefinition.”


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