My Own Ocean Avenue

July 26, 2011 § 3 Comments

Longport's beach on a cold, gray day.

 Jittery excitement.  A childlike ‘bouncing up and down’ feeling.  The simple joy of knowing you’re going somewhere different.  I have always loved road trips.  It may stem from the love of driving that my parents had and instilled in me.  When I was little, they’d bundle me and my siblings into the old Buick Roadmaster and we’d end up trekking out into the country.  My dad seemed to have an endless source of scenic stops: rushing creeks and forested trails, or state parks and big lakes, hills and meadows with just enough shade.  They were remote but not enough that it was impossible to push a stroller over the terrain.  (Hint to new readers: if I refer to happenings in my childhood, there are strollers involved!  There were always strollers.)  I always wondered how Dad knew where all these places were.  To a child, a forty minute car ride is a long time and I thought my father must have traveled far and wide to know the location of every lake and park in Pennsylvania.  (Now that I’m at the jaded and ripe old age of 25 and have driven to Michigan more than once, I realize how vast Pennsylvania really is.)

Suffice it to say, I love driving.  And now I get to drive down to the beach for five days this weekend! 

Lucy the Elephant watches over my summer vacation.

To me, Longport is the consummate beach town.  I like to wake up early when I’m there and make a pot of coffee.  I can bring it out onto the front porch and cradle it in my hands while sniffing the salty breeze.  The beach is about outdoor showers and soft towels.  Padding on sandy feet down a gritty neighborhood street.  A book in my hand wherever I am.  Vacation to me is synonymous with ‘reading as much as I can’.  At home, there’s always a place I need to be or something I have to do.  When I’m at the beach though, the heat of the sun and quiet susurration of the waves lulls me into relaxation, and there’s nothing I prefer more than reading when I’m relaxing.  Last year while lolling about on a beach chair with my toes in the water, I discovered the Temeraire series.   What a good find that turned out to be!  Recommendations for what to read this year are greatly appreciated!  Leave them in the comments! 

PS- I’ve blogged about the beach in Longport a couple of times before.


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§ 3 Responses to My Own Ocean Avenue

  • Walt says:

    “susurration”!!! great word….my eyes rolled back in my head with pleasure (like when a shark bites its prey) when I read it. It drove me to Webster’s Online.

    By the way…Ive been inside that elephant! Upstairs!!

  • Jaci says:

    I’ve slept under that elephant… after getting kicked off the Atlantic city beach by cops at 6 in the morning…

  • shortside40 says:

    Sounds fun, Jac! You should’ve just slept in Aunt Nancy & Uncle Bobby’s backyard. 😉

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