The Long & Short of It

August 4, 2011 § 7 Comments

Here is a topic I don’t believe I’ve covered yet in all my years of blogging.  I want to get a haircut.  To be exact, I am thinking about getting a haircut.  I am not quite sure if I want it.  However, my hair has looked the same for about the past 10 years.  That’s an incredibly long time for one haircut, especially for a fashion-loving girl like myself.  Right now my hair is long and straight, parted in the middle, highlighted blonde but mostly brown.  You all know me.  I think.  For those who don’t, here:

Here is a picture of me with my hair pulled back.

Another picture with my hair pulled away from my face.

I’m tired of this hairstyle.  I’m tired of curling it all the time, because if I don’t curl it, it just hangs there with a half-hearted wave in the back.  I don’t really like to straighten it all the time; the style’s a little too ubiquitous for me.  Therefore, when my aunts suggested I cut my hair short, I actually gave it some thought.  This is what they want on me:    

Emma Watson's hair. Longer than her previous "Twiggy" look but still short.

I don’t know who this is, but I love the hair

What do you all think?  Give your honest opinions here.  Feel free to tell me it’d look terrible on me, but just say it nicely, you know?  I have sensitive feelings.  That’s why I spill them for the entire internet.  It’s a radical change, but right now I am just so sick of my long hair.  I want to chop it off.  I think I can pull off a short hairstyle because I will maintain it.  I won’t let it get all raggedy or uneven.  I always wear makeup and have a rather (meaning totally) feminine style of dressing, so I’m not worried about looking overly boyish. 

Honestly, it’s just hair.  It will grow back, and pretty quickly too.  If I have to grow it out and endure wearing clips and barrettes to hold it back, so be it.  For all my love of make-up (I rue the day the local Penney’s put in a Sephora counter!) and high heels and haute couture, I don’t really think about my hair all that much.  It’s always been the one ‘beauty’ aspect in which I never chose to experiment. 

Let me know what you think! 


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