Double Wedding Weekend

August 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am going to a wedding today and tomorrow!  I love weddings.  Today’s marriage is between two friends of mine: Matt and Rita.  I will always hold a warm spot in my heart for Matt, because he introduced me to Danny.  Plus Matt’s just a general, all-around good guy.  Even if he did beat me in HangMan once with ‘jukebox’.  Who guesses the X!??  I haven’t known Rita as long, but over the past few years, I’ve grown to admire and value her friendship.  She’s a great girl and bonus: she loves Audrey Hepburn!  Funny coincidence: her father was the principal of the elementary school when I was the secretary, back in 2005.  I worked with Mr. K for about 2 years without meeting Rita once, although I’d of course heard of her and the family.  Matt started dating her after the school had closed and I hadn’t seen Mr. K in a few years.  It was so nice to see him and his wife again! 

After Dustin & Amanda's wedding

It’s funny how living in a little valley can bring people in and out of your life like that.  A lot of people my age complain about living in the Valley and knowing everyone, but I like it.  I love knowing all my neighbors.  I like bumping into old co-workers out at a bar, or at Market Day on the Square.  I think all this nonsense about hating to see old acquaintances stems from the drama that we are led to believe must incorporate every aspect of our lives.  Like, “Oh my gosh.  There’s that girl who did this and said that.”  Who cares?  Is anyone even paying attention?  I’m not.  I don’t hold grudges and I really don’t care who said what three years ago.  I mean, I really don’t care.  But before I get all angry and start ranting on my pet peeve of moronic TV shows like Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives that do us real damage by their purposeless glorification of adults behaving like children… I will calm down. 

My sister and my father

Hopefully I can take a ton of pictures at the wedding tonight.  I’m wearing my yellow and white dress and once I’ve got my hair curled and heels on, I’ll have Danny snap a picture and I’ll upload it on here.  My Aunt Nancy gave me jewelry last week when we were down at her beach house and I picked out some sparklers for tonight.  I’m undecided as to what shoes I will be wearing.  It’s a toss-up between three different pairs.  Danny will help me decide.  He has a good eye for fashion, it comes in handy on just such an occasion. 

My sisters, me, and Leo!

There probably won’t be another post until Sunday because the other wedding I have to attend tomorrow is out of town.  I’m going with my mom and Justin down to Danny P’s wedding outside of Philly.   That should be a wonderful time as well, because there will be people I haven’t seen in a while.  I decided to wear my black wrap dress to that wedding because it holds up well in the car.  I don’t wear black a lot, I find it boring but if I dress it up with some colorful jewelry, it’ll pop.  Smoky eye shadow and red lipstick, too.  Yay!

All right, hopefully this post will be updated later with pictures from tonight!  Say a quick prayer to St. Gianna for Matt & Rita, Danny & Sarah, and any other married couples you may know!


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