Short ‘n’ Sassy Haircut!

August 18, 2011 § 7 Comments

I GOT MY HAIR CUT!!!!  (By the way, I love the word sassy.  It sounds like what it means.  You know, words like replenish and sassy and twirl and luxurious.  There’s a word for that… what is it… I can’t remember!  I hate it when I can’t remember words!  But you don’t care about the word that means when words sound like what they mean.  You care about my short ‘n’ sassy new haircut!!)


No turning back now!


All those curls


The finished product!


Eat your heart out, Vidal Sassoon!


Full on view


I didn't take a picture while driving. I didn't! (I was at a red light.)


This morning, with glasses. Also it's curled under more than yesterday. I think I need to straighten it because my hair has that natural curl. We'll see!

 In case you were curious, the back:

mirror mirror on the wall


(For those of you wondering, I could not donate my hair because of the bleach/dye that was used in highlighting it.)

Tell me what you think!!!  I decided to get it cut to this length instead of the reallllly short haircut I had first envisioned for several reasons.  First, I had never cut my hair so short before and I figured I can always go shorter if I like it.  Secondly, both my hairdresser Tara (THE BEST) and my friend Renata suggested this cut and I trust them.  Third, my mother would have killed me.  No, honestly.  Dead.  Murdered.  Pushing up the daisies.  Ceased to be.  Joined the choir invisible.  Ex-Rose.

So!  Do you love it?  Do you hate it?  Do you remember that word that I can’t think of???


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