Suspenders: Not Just for Your Grandpa

August 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

Although I’m sure he looks good in them too.

I decided to break out the suspenders on Tuesday for several reasons.  One, I hadn’t worn them in awhile (mainly because they were on a shelf in my room, pushed out of my sight by other very important stuff [re: junk]).  Two, I am tired of all my swingy necklaces and when I wear suspenders, I don’t like to clutter up my chest with necklaces too.  Suspenders make a good focal point in place of jewelry.  Three, I just love them!

Here are some shots:

This is a full-on view.  My apologies for the fact that I post blog pictures which were taken on a cell phone camera that gives me horrible red eyes.  Maybe I will work with my brother Greg on having him take the pics with his cool Canon Rebel camera.  I like to keep the rest of my outfit simple when I throw on the suspenders, because they’re definitely a statement piece.  People comment on them all the time.  I never wear them with black pants, so as to avoid resembling a mime or another old-fashioned character.  Suspenders are, by their nature, old-fashioned to most people.  I try to bring them into the 21st century with these VS slate-blue pants (no longer available in that color on the site, sadly) or my light gray slacks from Express.  (Both pairs of pants purchased with coupons!)  I generally wear them with my white blouse, simply because I love the clean-cut look of it.  I suppose you could wear them with another color button-down, why not?  I’d stick to simple colors though.  But that’s just my style: classic and simple. 

I don’t think suspenders work with low-cut pants.  I wear them with dress pants because my dress pants always sit higher on my waist than my jeans.  Suspenders are there to look like they are holding your pants up.  When your pants are sitting below your waist and the suspenders are attached below your hips, the effect looks strange.  Very disproportionate.  

In case you were wondering about my shoes: I didn’t take any full length pictures, simply because my cell phone camera couldn’t capture the full shot without being about 10 feet away, at which point you could barely see the shoes anyway.  I wore simple black pumps with this outfit.  They have a gold buckle on the toe and a 3 inch heel. 

There you have it!  How to wear suspenders without fear of resembling Grandpa or a mime.  (I hope.)  Let me know what you think!  Also…. how do you like the hair?  Still cute?  It’s a little tousled in these pictures because it had rained, which makes the curl in my hair go crazy.



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§ 2 Responses to Suspenders: Not Just for Your Grandpa

  • I think your hair looks great. I also love your in depth suspender assessment! I have been interested in trying the suspender look but haven’t had the guts to do it. Who is your suspender supplier? What about wearing suspenders with pinstriped pants? I think all your points make great sense, I’m just thinking that the 3 inch heels probably are not for me. 🙂

    • shortside40 says:

      Thanks, V! I love the term “suspender supplier” haha. I got my pair at American, but a quick Google shopping search reveals that you can also get plain black ones at Hot Topic,, and a few other places. I think wearing suspenders with pinstripe pants would be fine. Just keep your shirt simple. Of course, you could wear a bandeau bra top and cargo pants with suspenders like the model on American Apparel’s site. Ooooor you could just listen to me. And wear them with flats then! As long as your pant hems don’t drag on the ground, there’s nothing wrong with shoes with little to no heel. They’re just… not my thing. 😀

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