A Reflection

September 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Well, I was going to post the second half of my ‘trip to work ‘experiece, but I decided against it.  It was about how girls (college age, mostly) don’t stop for me when I’m in the crosswalk.  Well, not technically in it, but they don’t stop even if I have half a foot already off the sidewalk and in it.  Why don’t girls stop?  That was the subject.  I was trying to be funny and it kept coming across as mean.  I don’t like being mean, even on the faceless internet.  I am not a Mean Girl.  I am a (trying my best!) Catholic girl.

Unfortunately, I had no other post in the works with which to fill in the gap. 

Let’s have an update list!

1.  I am going to the beach for the weekend!  I am taking Cathy with me (not Pat, though) and staying til Monday.  Pictures will be taken.

2.  I want to go as Treebeard for Halloween.  Comments, suggestions, approval, disapproval welcome!

3.  Hockey season is just around the corner!!  I got my tickets for the Black & Gold Game (more on THAT in a later post) in the mail.  I can’t wait for hockey season, both real and my fantasy league.  Yes, I play fantasy hockey and I don’t even care if that makes me a nerd.  Or weird.  Or anything. 

4.  I don’t normally drink a lot of coffee.  I don’t really even like coffee.  I like cream and sugar and hot liquid.  However, I love pumpkin.  Dunkin Donuts has pumpkin coffee and a location directly across from my office.  Between pumpkin food and drink, my Treebeard costume, and corn mazes and pumpkins and rides to the country to see the foliage and (mayyyybeeee) a new fall jacket… September and October don’t bode well for my wallet!

5.  Just kidding.  The LAST thing I need is a new fall jacket.  I have about 4.  Plus my cape.  More on that later too!  Anyone want a blog post on how to wear a cape fashionably??  😉


PS-  Just thinking about autumn and hockey has made me realize this is my favorite season without a doubt.


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