8 Good Things to Come Out of the Flood

September 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

1. Bunny Rabbits!  Literally.  They came up out of the flood and perched on the porch of the Goldens’ grandmother’s house.

2. The Complete and Utter Annihilation of Danny and Ryan’s Kitchen O’ Doom.  It was only a matter of time before the good Lord saw that a catastrophe of historic quality was necessary to destroy that fruit-fly infested chamber of darkness.

3. We discovered some beautiful hardwood floors in their apartment.

4. That couch!!  That couch is gone.  Destroyed.  My brief flame of sentimentality for it has sputtered out.  Goodbye and good riddance, crusty old couch!

5. Our three pet rats get to live with me for an undetermined amount of time!

6. I finally found a reason to wear my ultra-cool Barracuda Web Filter t-shirt.  Eat Spam!

7. I made (and heard) a lot of really great puns, such as “This is no time for levee-ty!” and “I feel like I’m in over my head here.”

8. When we were on the boat ride, I felt an immense urge to lean over the side and reach out towards the water while saying plaintively “I’ll never let go, Jack!”


Bob being coy


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