Oh, I Guess This Is My Blog?

October 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

I haven’t really felt like writing lately.  I’m sorry.

I guess if I were going to do an update list or something, I would say this:

1. My fantasy hockey draft is tonight.  Wish me luck.  I’ve spent a good amount of time reading through fantasy articles on NHL.com and Yahoo, and I feel like I’ve researched all my brain can handle.  Now I’m just going with my gut strategy and hoping for the best.  I’ve made a list of my top three players at every position and four backups.  I’ll post my team after the draft.  It should be fun.  My little brother Pete is in it, as is my mother, and my friend Jill, so we’ll have a mini Draft Central going on at my house tonight. 

2. I have given up on Treebeard as a Halloween costume but thought of something else creative.  Pictures will be posted when I make it.  Hint: Interactive costumes are always the most fun!

3. I really enjoyed Pope Benedict’s speeches and homilies in Germany this past September.  I think I want to buy one of his books.  Any recommendations?

4. I miss my nephew Leo William.  Look at that face.  Look at that chub.  I MISS MY BOY!

5. On another hockey note, I saw that EA Sports predicted the Penguins to win the Cup this year, which is kinda cool.  Also saw NHL.com had a headline about this year’s draft picks sticking in the NHL.  Headline was: “Teenage Dream”.  I am desperately trying to believe that the writer merely had an appreciation for the assonance of the phrase and didn’t at all mean to make a Katy Perry reference.  Come on, NHL.com.  You’re better than that, right?


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