Rose’s Words With Friends (Halloween Version!)

October 29, 2011 § 10 Comments

I’m going to let the pictures tell the story of this year’s Halloween costume creation: Rose’s Words With Friends.  All you need to know is a brief bit of background:  I was searching online for inspiration after my Treebeard costume didn’t go as planned.  A website mentioned going as something inspired by ‘pop culture’, and that started me thinking.  What was both popular to lots of people, something I really enjoyed, and something I could creatively design?  Because I’m that kind of person who doesn’t just want to buy a cape and wig at the mall.  I wanted to paint, or sew, or do something to make this costume.  I thought of Words with Friends out of the blue.  Honestly, I have no idea where it came from but as soon as I thought of it, I started grinning.  It was something simple I could paint onto a piece of posterboard (I like to paint but I’m not actually that good at it…) and it was interactive!  Everyone likes an interactive costume!  I remembered how everyone enjoyed writing ‘comments’ on my costume when I went as a ‘typical MySpace page’ a few years back.  Once I hammered out the details, I set to work.


I used a Scrabble board as my particular inspiration, mainly because I wanted to pay homage to the game that I love, and also because I don’t actually have Words With Friends on my phone (I have a Windows Phone). 


I studied the layout of the game for a few minutes.  I was taking this seriously.

Cathy thought I was taking things a little too seriously.

Genevieve helped me cut out the squares for the letters!  At this point in the costume creation, I said to Gen, “You know that normal people just go to the store and buy a wig and a cape, right?”  She laughed.  She’s a good god-daughter.

This was such a fun process, I wish I could describe it better.  Gen and I were sitting at the kitchen table, playing music, laughing, and painting.  It wasn’t just making a costume, it was a bonding experience!

Cathy helped me paint the word score boxes.

Here, we’ve added the small adhesive magnets to each square, painted the title on top, and strung yarn so that I can wear it around my neck.  There are matching adhesive magnets on the backs of each letter.

The finished product:


A little shameless blog promotion to demonstrate how the letters stick to the magnets!  All the letters we made are in a cute little Halloween treat bag.  People reach in, pick out 6 letters, and then try to make a word!   

So there you have it.  Rose’s Words With Friends Halloween costume.

I love this costume because, once again, I feel like I’ve hit on something both that I love (words) and that many people will find amusing.  Tell me if you do! 




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