Guest Post: My Thanksgiving

November 30, 2011 § 11 Comments

Rose’s Note of Introduction:

My little sister, Genevieve, is going to be doing some guest blogging for me!  Interspersed with my mindless posting will be her delightful insights, observations, and commentary on many various subjects! 

A little background: Gen is 10 years old, the youngest of the 8 children in my family, and my mother’s baby.  We sometimes call her the Grand Finale.  She attends cyber school from home, and loves playing computer games, reading (a girl after my own heart), and playing in the woods at her friends’ house.  She is also my god-daughter.   She has a wonderful voice in her writing already.  I’m all for encouraging young writers/readers, so the other night when Gen was moping around the house in a fit of boredom, I told her to write something for my blog.  She has written several short stories already and I think her “writing voice” is genuine, simple, and downright hilarious at times.  She has an interesting blend of childlike humor and older wit.  I think it comes from growing up surrounded by older siblings.  But I might write more on that later. 

Without further ado, here is her first entry!

My Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving is a special holiday for me. I get to see my mom make pies, moan loudly about her pie crusts, and see Rose think she makes everything perfect. There is sometimes when she does, then the others she is praising herself, she thinks her egg and cream were mixed together by the hand of… I don’t know… Sidney Crosby? Then, I look into the bowl and see globs of egg yolk mixed with cream.  But I stay quiet, walk out of the steaming hot kitchen and shake my head and cackle at her funny behavior.

My family says for me to come and help them decorate, I do. I want all this turkey and corn and more turkey to surround a beautiful decoration. Then when all the guests arrive and help cook the last foods, I follow Danny around where Rose urges him to go. I make fun of Rose with him when she spills cocoa off the tiramisu. “Rose, you need to get the cocoa on the tiramisu.” I said, joking of course. She looks at me holding back her laughter, “You’re mean!” she says to me and Danny.

At last, she stops making Danny watch her mess up… I mean do a wonderful job on her desserts. Finally, we say grace and start to eat. I get LOTS of gravy and corn, and then I get turkey to be with the gravy, oh, can’t forget those wonderful mashed potatoes! Lastly, I’m stuffed and sit down on the chair, I’m acting as lazy as my cat Pia. The day ends quickly; I’m left at the house doing my computer business.

Thanksgiving is great, lots of friends, jokes, food, jokes about the food, and jokes about the maker of the food. I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving is great like mine.


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§ 11 Responses to Guest Post: My Thanksgiving

  • Angela says:

    I can’t stop laughing! Oh Genny, precocious Genny. ;D

    Always a treat to read your blog, Rose. 🙂 Much more fun than when you’re “making Danny watch [you] mess up.”

  • Danny says:

    Gen, I think you might have a future in writing! Very nicely done.

  • Nathan says:

    Did anyone else note the irony of a diabetes advertisement right below the Thanksgiving post? 😉
    Great story, Gen, and nice job bashing Rose and Sidney Crosby at the same time; artfully done!

  • kimmi says:

    Oh my goodness! She’s too funny! I LOVED it!

  • V says:

    Excellent job Gen! You really do have a quick wit and a great writing voice (for once Rose is correct) 😀 I hope to read more soon Genn!

  • Walt says:

    Wow! Gen gets to guest-post on Rose’s blog — what an honor! And a fine job you did, Genevieve! I’m sure you’ll give much of the credit to the Senior Teacher — your Mom — at the Bd Herman of Reichenau Academy (the underground homeschool name of our cyberschool, for 401(c)(3) purposes). Why do I feel a sense of relief at NOT having been mentioned at all in your description of our Thanksgiving? Keep up the good work, Gen!

  • Genevieve says:

    Thanks everyone!! Though, I can’t take all the credit. Rose suggested I make a Blog post, so it’s thanks to her that I get all these compliments!

    Again thank you everyone!!!!

  • Genevieve says:

    Thank you all :D! I have already made another post… keep your eye open for it! This one will be equally funny. Now I won’t say anymore about it :)!

  • shortside40 says:

    I hope everyone enjoyed making fun of me!!! Hmph.

  • Genevieve says:

    I can bouch-did I spell that right?- I think we all did have fun 😀

  • shortside40 says:

    Gen, it would be spelled “vouch”. But good job anyway. 🙂

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