Guest Post: The Wonders of My Two Cats

December 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Genevieve is back again with her second post, because I am seriously in a writing funk.  Thank goodness for siblings.  (Pete has now taken to writing posts for me as well.  I’ll get one of his up here in the next few days.)  Enjoy!

The Wonders of My Two Cats

Everyone knows cats are cute and affectionate. Well, maybe the people who don’t have cats think that. Pia and Fluff are my two cats; Pia is lazy and can’t catch a bird if it waited for him. Pia spends his day lounging on Mom’s bed, then with much effort, gets up to get to his food-bowl, it takes more effort to get up the stairs and curl up again. We adopted Pia thinking he would be playful like a little kitten (which at the time he was a half-grown kitten). But we were wrong, he is the opposite.

Fluff is somewhat alike, but she doesn’t lounge all day, and she could catch a bird if it tried hopping away. Fluff is a fluffy gray cat, and oh I forgot, Pia is unexplainable, maybe my picture can help you, back to Fluff. She and Pia do not get along, when Pia isn’t lounging or lazy, he decides to use his special hunting techniques-hiding behind a pillow when Fluff is two feet above him-to attack Fluff. Fluff always out-smarts him-sees him behind the pillow-and Pia walks away disappointed. Fluff is a playful cat, wants to love when she wants to love, she and Pia have claws, they’re not afraid to use them, yet I never bleed terribly.

These cats are the opposite of each other, but we love them most dearly. Well I must go get more food for Pia.    

Pia the lazy Cat


Fluff being lazy too


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