GUEST POST: Rose and Crash’s Relationship

January 26, 2012 § 3 Comments

Quick Note of Introduction!  My little brother Pete is going to join Gen in the ranks of guest bloggers!  Pete has a great imagination and quite a unique writing voice.  He recently turned 13 and loves hockey, football, video games, french fries, and pretending to drink beer with our big brother Dan.  He is a fellow Pittsburgh Penguins fan and is currently winning our fantasy hockey league, where he also enjoys making ridiculous trade offers and smack-talking everyone else’s teams.  Pete has a very dry sense of humor and I look forward to more of his writing.  Especially the posts where he chooses NOT to make fun of me.  Enjoy! 

 Rose and Crash’s Relationship

by Peter Babetski

So, like any other night, I was sitting on a chair, watching a movie.   Only tonight, Rose asked me to “set her up with Crash.”  I proceeded to plug my playstation2 in, and let her play Crash Bandicoot.  You’d think that she’d be good at the game by now, after playing it since (I don’t know).  She just continues to die, and lose all of my lives.  Then, she yells “CRASH!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME CRASH!!!?” 

Then I proceed to say “Rose, just because you aren’t good at the game, doesn’t mean you have to criticize Crash.”  She stares at me, giving me an ashamed look (Though, she’s probably ashamed of her doing so badly).  I never get a moments peace when she plays Crash.  I’ll take you back to this one Sunday morning, when the family was getting ready for church.

“Rose…you need to put Crash away, and finished up your make-up for church.” My mother says. 

Rose grins and says “Hold on, let me just get one more gem,” then proceeds to say “Dang it!  One more jump and I would’ve won!”

I was sitting there, looking at the way she was failing to get the gem.  Eventually she got it…but that was only after church.  I have a funny feeling that she needs to sit down for a couple of hours and read a whole book.  When she reads a book, me and Gen joke by saying “ROSE, FIRE!!!”  She doesn’t even pay attention. 

So I don’t know what to do, I guess we’re all going to have to endure more Crash yelling.


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§ 3 Responses to GUEST POST: Rose and Crash’s Relationship

  • Paul K. says:

    Pete, Rose just doesn’t understand Crash like we do. It’s not his fault he has to go around getting crystals and gems and whatnot. And she certainly isn’t helping by letting him get flattened by giant boulders or falling into bottomless pits over and over again. That poor bandicoot….

    P.S. I read this in the college library and had to do my very best not to laugh out loud. Awesome post, Pete!

  • Genevieve says:

    I agree, Paul. I think I write longer, and better than him. What he says is only truth, though. Great post.

  • Genevieve says:

    Did he mention Rose cheats? She finds how to do hard bonus levels (her hard) online!

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