GUEST POST: Burial of the Mice

January 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Genevieve is back with another guest post!  (To read her other posts, simply click on the tag ‘Genevieve’s Guest Posts’ at the top of this entry.)

Burial of the Mice

I and my brother, Pete, loomed over the two dead mice. They were small, fluffy and cute, but dead. Pete felt no need to bury them, but to pick them up with gloves, and put them in a bag. I felt differently, I spoke in a harsh tone to him, “Get a shovel and we’ll pick them up and bury them.” He looked at me and finally agreed. He grabbed the shovel and picked one up and carried it to the far backside of our backyard and dug a hole. As I picked a dandelion for their burial, Pete put the mouse in the hole.

I dropped the dandelion in with the mouse, and silently said words in obligation. Pete and I went to get the other one, after he dug another hole. I did the same thing, dandelion and obligation words. I noticed an old brick sitting by the porch; it was small, old and basically the same size of the mouse. I picked it up and put it as a tombstone. I was sad at the death of creatures of this world, and for my love of mice and rats-domesticated-. I silently said these words “You foraged for life and food; you are honored by my heart and love. May you rest in peace.

For more stories about honored animals, may they rest in peace, call the Babetski household.


(Rose’s Note: This is a true story.)


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