In Which I Am Sad

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

I hate being political.  I really hate it.  I get a huge knot in my stomach when people yell at me or are angry with me because of something I’ve said that is political.  So I am working on a nice lovely long post with pictures that is just funny and silly and not political at all. 

I keep thinking, though.  I keep thinking that I hear a sad note in everyone I’ve talked to about this stupid mandate issue.  I feel like all my friends are talking about “The Church” or “Religion”.  The arguments always center around “The Catholic Church” or “Religious Beliefs”.  “The Church” against “The Government” or “Religion” against “Law” and it’s all very general.  Who do we think the Church is?  This isn’t about a vague, shadowy group of old men in weird hats sitting in a darkened room, plotting to overtake the government.  It’s not about a religion or a church or a generalization.

It’s about me.

I am the Church.

I am religion.

It’s me, my face, myself. 

Rosemary Babetski, age 25.  Loves horses and Danny (at times).  Likes to go out on Saturday night and drink wine.  Reads a lot, talks a lot.  Watches a lot of hockey.

  It’s me.  It’s my friends in the youth group.  My friends in Catholic colleges.  My parents.  My brother-in-law.  My sisters and brothers.  We are the Church.  We are the ones who are fighting against this, not some sinister contingent of out-of-touch old men.  We are fighting against this mandate because we believe that you can’t tell someone to pay for something they think is a sin.  It makes me sad, because I love my friends and I can’t imagine how they could look me in the eye and say “Even though you think abortion is murder, and even though some birth control pills are abortifacients, you have to pay for them anyway.  You have to pay for something you think is murder.” 

How can you say that to me?  How can you say it to the people I know who own Catholic businesses?  How can you say that to someone?

Also I posted this without looking back over it or editing it.  :/

PS- actually just edited it to include that pic.


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