GUEST POST: Settlers of Catan

February 10, 2012 § 4 Comments

Genevieve writes again!  (In case some of you are unaware, Settlers of Catan is a board game.  I am very good at it.  I (very) infrequently lose.  The other day, I played with Pete and Gen.  Here is Gen’s post about that infamous game.)

Settlers of Catan

I sat there, my cards in my hand, my brain focused on one thing: beating Rose’s winning streak in Settlers of Catan.  I was determined, she beat everyone I admired and liked, this time she would lose. It was a long game, I cannot remember every move, but I know Pete and Rose were pulling out pretty good moves; I was getting disappointed at my so-far-failure. I needed to make Rose lose, and keep my own dignity by not coming in last. My move I remembered, I needed wheat and brick.  I could trade three of my ores in for my wheat, so I did, and to my delicious ambition to make Rose lose, I did get my wheat. What I did next was brilliant; I asked “Who will give me a brick?” Rose shook her head, “I don’t want to give away my brick.” I made sure she had brick, and I lifted up my development card, which help you get points easier.   My development card was a monopoly card, which meant I could take all the brick that Pete and Rose had.  “Too bad!” I grinned and took her brick happily. That was my best move, other than that, it went downhill. Lucky me, Pete came in first and Rose in, get this: SECOND! And I came in last. Rose is awfully mean to me during the game, note that.                                      


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§ 4 Responses to GUEST POST: Settlers of Catan

  • Andy says:

    Yes… I spoke to Gen before the game. Settlers is the FIRST step of my plan… isn’t that right Slime monster?

  • Pete says:

    Haha! You people are no match for me. All I needed to do was win, and I did! Rose thought she had me when she took Longest Road from me, but I took it back, and the next turn, I won!!!!! MUAHAHA!

  • Rattie friends says:

    Haha! maybe that’s why Rose lets Pete feed us, because she is too ashamed of losing so badly!

  • Freddy says:

    I just joined this cage full of Bob and Willy and Merv, so far I don’t like what I’m reading from Gen, who feed me everyday.

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