A Bit of Other Work

February 15, 2012 § 3 Comments

Sorry if blogging is a little light for the next few days.  I have to give a talk on the Holy Spirit and the sacrament of Confirmation for a retreat next weekend.  It’s hard for me to write multiple things at once, so I probably won’t be writing any blog posts until I have this talk done.  After that, it’ll be back to normal!

 On a different note, did you know I have twitter now??  I do!  Find me @rosebabetski.

Here, look at this cool link.  Rocco Palmo talks about the Consistory that is happening this weekend in Rome.  This is where Archbishop Dolan will be made a Cardinal.  It’s interesting stuff!  Read it.

Another thing: The Maple Leafs are in the playoffs, if they started tonight.  WHA………!??  Anyone who knows my mother can imagine how excited she is by this news.  I have not yet been able to sway her to become a Penguins fan. 


Whatever, Mom.  I’ll take those guys over your guys any day.


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