Don’t Give Up On Me

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

The title of this post is quite appropriate.  I am not only listening to a song right now with that lyric in it, but I am also asking it of my readers.  I didn’t mean to stop blogging for a week.  I just got really busy with Holy Week and Easter celebrations and other things.  Plus lately, things have been happening in my life that I don’t want to blog about.  Not bad things!  Just private things I don’t want to describe for the entire universe.  Take, for example, my Holy Week experiences.  I can’t write about them.  It would be way too hard.  But I had a wonderful Easter Triduum and completely loved my first experience with Tenebrae.  I think I can write about that. 

Tenebrae is Latin for darkness, or shadows.  Here is a good explanation of it and here are my brief recollections.  Paul and I drove up to Father Langan’s parish in Honesdale on Good Friday evening to attend.  The church is made out of stone and sits on the side of a steep hill.  We chanted the Divine Office, but only the Psalms, lessons, and mourning chants: the lamentations of Jeremiah.  Cries for help against enemies.  Questions of doubt and sorrow and abandonment.  The church was dimly lit, with a tall triangle of candles flickering on the altar.  Two altar boys took turns extinguishing a single candle after each chant.  The sweet smell of myrrh filled the air when Father anointed our foreheads with it.  The simplicity of the chant, a stark melody, struck me as fitting for Good Friday.  The wood of the cross was cold under my hand as I knelt in front to venerate it. 

I didn’t want to leave at the end.  It was beautiful.  Moving. Solemn.  Sorrowful.  All those words that describe but don’t, really.


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