Birthdays, Blog Updates, and Baking

April 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

Two birthdays occurred recently that I want to make note of.  First, Pope Benedict XVI turned 85 on Monday!  There were a bunch of awesome blogs and articles floating around the Catholic blogosphere about Papa B’s birthday, and this one by The Anchoress was my favorite: 

Even before he was Benedict, back when he was Joseph Ratzinger, I loved his humility; he has always struck me as the shy old uncle who — once drawn out — keeps you enthralled with the openness, depth and breadth of his intellect, which is never pedantic, and always accessible.

That has its drawbacks, of course, particularly in terms of perception. Benedict is an introvert, content with solitude; he allows himself to be subsumed by his servant’s office in a way that is so paradoxical that some do not understand it.”

I love Pope Benedict; he was, and still is, the face I see when I think of my re-commitment to the faith, the revitalization of my soul.  His words, whether teaching or praying, have always struck a chord in my heart.  The Anchoress is right when she says “never pedantic”.  I never understood why people said he was harsh or strict or anything like that.  I didn’t see it, I never have.  (To be perfectly honest, I’ve kinda always just wanted to give him a hug!)  I pray for him every day and hope that we are blessed with more years of his inspiring leadership.

– The second birthday was Genevieve’s, on Wednesday!  She is 11 now, which is crazy to me.  The night she was born, the WBS Penguins were in a playoff series with the Syracuse Crunch.  I went to the hockey game with Jaci and her mom.  Right before the game started, my Dad called and said he was taking Mom to the hospital because she was having contractions.  I asked him if I needed to come home and he said no, to stay and enjoy the game.  The game ended up going into playoff overtime, and didn’t end until pretty late at night.  Jaci’s mom drove us over to Nesbitt Hospital afterwards and we quietly found our way to Mom’s room.  She was in there with the cutest, plumpest little newborn girl.  Baby Gen had a red face and scrunched-up eyes, and she felt warm in my arms.  I hoped that the hockey jersey I was wearing wouldn’t be too scratchy for her soft baby skin.  After I gave the baby back to Mom, she told me that all the rest of my brothers and sisters would be coming tomorrow morning and I’d get to see her again then.  And that is how I got to hold my baby sister before any of my other siblings.  Ha! 

Blog Updates:  You may have noticed I made some small changes to the blog.  There are now 2 new menus on the sidebar.  Baking in a Tiny Kitchen is where I will link to all my posts that detail my dessert-baking processes.  Those posts are always some of my most popular ones and I hope having them in an easy format will bring in some more hits.  As a matter of fact, I have the pictures ready and waiting to create a new baking post, from when I made margarita pie the other night. 

I have also made a new menu for Genevieve’s Guest Posts.  These are very popular and now you can read what Gen has to say any time, very easily, with this new navigation!  If you haven’t read her posts, you should.  She’s grown up a lot since that night 11 years ago in Nesbitt Hospital.  Her face only gets red now when she’s angry and she’s lost her baby plumpness and become skinny like all the Babetskis.  

Playoff hockey starts tonight in Wilkes-Barre!! GO PENS!! 


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  • Genevieve says:

    Thank you for leaving me in your post. That plump baby still has some plump you know, and who won the game? I didn’t want to be born on a day of bad celebration :(!!!!! 🙂 Rose is right, read my blogs if you haven’t, their a bit different then Rose’s posts.


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