Guest Post: Feeding Frenzy

May 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

If you have never met Rose’s rats, they’re quite fat. You will understand why in my next sentence. We feed them salad, some ham, pellets, peanuts, cheese, American cheese, just about everything a rat can have. They get VERY excited every day for lunch. At 12:30 every afternoon, I feed them their lunch. I go into the room, and they’re all curled up in their hammock, but then when they hear me, they scurry out and look at me expectantly.

I pull out the drawer where the pellets are kept and the wrapper of the pellet bag makes a crackling noise and they go CRAZY!!!!! If you look up Bob is biting the cage bars, Will is going crazy looking out the cage bars, Merv is hanging on to the cage bars and he’s sticking his one little arm out (Rose will have to get a picture of that and post it) and Freddy just scurries to a spot where he can get food.

Now, rats have very poor eyesight, so when you feed them a pellet they get it stuck between the bars. Sometimes if you push the pellet, they get it, but other times the pellet falls… and they mistake your finger for food.  Anyway, it is a frenzy! Also because Merv is a slow eater, we take him out and let him eat on the bed, but sometimes when I open the cage door while Freddy and Merv are on it, Merv sees my hand and gets so excited he jumps, but his back feet stay attached to the last bar of the cage door and he swings to the bottom of the cage door, like a monkey…

Then he falls about two and half feet and lands perfectly fine. I give them their pellets and they scurry away and I go do whatever, then I come back seven minutes later and they’re all done.


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