Guest Post: The Day of Days!

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

      Guess what happened on May 22??

       IT FINALLY HAPPENED! My baptism day was on May 20, and Rose said she’d take me to the Café. I have flashbacks, yes, but even I’m forgetting those memories. HEHE! First, Mom drove me to Rose’s office, and Rose gave me and Mom a tour, because she recently changed buildings, then Mom left and Rose drove me to the Café. Ang and Cathy were working, my two sisters were finally serving me. My two friends Paul and Joel were there also, so I and Rose picked our table and they waited for us.

       It was not too busy except for a party in the other room and two tables in the main area, so all the employees were standing around, drinking their waters. Ang brought us bread and I ate one piece, only to find Rose had eaten all of the other pieces. She gave the last one away to Paul, not even considering I wanted some. Humph! Rose had THREE courses and she finished all of them in the course of eight minutes. I had gotten Chicken fingers and fries and instead of hording it down like Willy, our pet rat, would’ve, I enjoyed it slowly.

       I had gone back with my empty soda glass with Rose and refilled it, it was awesome to use the soda gun. I was catching the Café fever! I enjoyed the rest of my food and Ang boxed it. I got a free slice of chocolate cake, which I ate half of and Ang boxed the rest. After that I followed Cathy into the kitchen and I saw Joel’s little salad station. I volunteered to help with making some (but there was no one wanting salads) and Rose wanted to leave. So let’s just say this:

      “I had a great night at the Café. The employees are hardworking and nice, and they don’t forget to bring you bread and butter.”
                          -A very, very happy customer


Editor’s Note:  I would just like to say that I most certainly did not eat 3 courses in 8 minutes.  We were there for two hours!!! – Rose


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