Too Many Too Much

September 11, 2012 § 6 Comments

Some of you may have heard the news:  At the ripe old age of 26, I am moving out of my family home.  I know, I know, I didn’t think I’d move out until I was married, either.  But it’s true, it’s actually happening.  Due to a nice set of circumstances, this whole moving out thing happened pretty quickly.  I’ll be living in a 3 bedroom apartment with Jill and Erica, and I’m not telling you where because this is the internet.  Suffice it to say that my work commute will only be about 5 minutes.  (Wonder of wonders, I won’t have to drive past ANY schools on my way there!)  I’m very excited to live on my own for the first time.  I love to cook, and I’ll get used to doing laundry eventually, right?  Of course the rats will be coming with me as well!

My guys

There are a few things I’ve learned about myself, and just in general, during this whole moving out/moving in process, and part of those things are on this list.  I like to call this list…

Things I Have Too Much/Many Of:

1.  I went up to my attic on Sunday morning before Mass, ready and willing to separate all my books into keep/donate piles.  I don’t have enough room in my bedroom for all my books, so I store most of them in the attic.  I sat down in my pajamas, a well-sugared cup of pumpkin coffee steaming gently on the floor next to me.  The first carton of books was full to bursting.  It took me a good hour and a half to work through that and 3 more cartons, thanks to plenty of five minute distractions where I’d either pick up a book, exclaim with delight, and re-read my favorite part, or run downstairs to tell Mom that I had too many books, I had forgotten about this book, I couldn’t find that book, and- once- that there was a spider on a book.  In the end, I think I set 5 books total in the donate pile.  I can’t help it.  I cherish all my books and am loathe to part with any of them.  I love them all: the fat, bulky books missing their dust jackets with epic tales that sweep across countries inside their dull hard covers.  Or the paperback mysteries from the 1950s with classy heroines who manage to uncover criminals, fall in love, get into car chases, and still wear dresses and heels.  I’ve got GK Chesterton’s sly wit and sneaky brilliance stacked up with CS Lewis’ appealing apologetics; Dickinson and Hopkins and of course Bronte and Austen.  I can’t give any of them up.  So I picked up my (by then tepid) cup of coffee and walked downstairs to see if we had any bigger bookshelves. 

2.  The same Sunday brought me marginally more success when it came time to weed out my clothes.  I have a lot of clothes and I don’t mind admitting that.  My clothing size hasn’t changed since I was about 18 so the fullness of my closet could definitely, in some excuse-sounding but actually pretty honest way, be attributed to about 8 years worth of accumulation.  Simply put, I still wear skirts and blouses now that I wore at my first job at the elementary school eight years ago.  And I still have my sweaters.  Oh boy, do I have my sweaters.  That donate pile held plenty of clothes by the end of my closet emptying session, but nary a sweater could be found in it.  I love my sweaters.  Soft, long, short, brightly colored or simple- essential- black, they spilled out of my closet, a veritable rainbow of toasty warm, wool/polyester delight.  I hugged them all to my chest and promised to transport them without losing a single button.

3.  Shoes.  I have too many.  Way too many.


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§ 6 Responses to Too Many Too Much

  • Al Babetski says:

    Its great Rose! I left home when I was 18.

  • Walt says:

    How was your second night in the apt?
    Seeing the dust-shadow left by the removal your basket from the bathroom shelf almost brought a tear to my eye this morning (and reminded me of how little we dust!).

    • shortside40 says:

      The second night was great. Erica moved all her stuff down so she was there too. I slept really well and the ratties seem to be adjusting just fine. I’m glad to hear that you miss me, but don’t worry, I’ll be home every Sunday for Mass bc I’m the Best Daughter Ever.

  • V says:

    Rose, I am on the same wavelength regarding book collections! While a year ago I was forced to face the fact that as a traveling nurse it was not simply illogical to bring all my books with me, it was potentially suicidal! My current library has a sufficient number of volumes to fill 10 boxes. I think it’s ten. Anyways, imagine moving that up and down flights if stairs, an elevator if one is truly fortunate. Then carrying all those volumes in and out of long apartment corridors, and in and out of my truck. The health hazard should now be coming clear.
    This fear drove me reluctantly to a lifestyle compromise before I had even experienced moving out of my second floor room in Joplin, Missouri amidst a power outage in 90
    degree heat and post thunderstorm humidity clinging to every oxygen particle.
    Ahem. So, with great sorrow I placed my books in storage. I carry only one box and bag with me on a rotating basis. Nothing is more frustrating than being cross country
    and longing for a book I don’t carry, worrying about the potential disasters that could befall my friends in my absence! All is not lost however, after all I still have my volumes.
    Think on this if you’re ever asked what lengths a person would go to for a good book. Which is likely something no one would ever ask anyone.
    My apologies for the ridiculous length of this comment. You have obviously found a subject near to my soul.
    Also, get more practical shoes. You wouldn’t stand a chance in a zombie war our post apocalyptic

  • shortside40 says:

    Hahahaha, V, this might be my favorite comment on my blog yet. I can’t even imagine the pain you had to endure when you picked just one box and bag of your books. It sounds to me like your situation would be a perfect one for an eReader. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the smell and heft and very essense of a book more than words can describe, but there are circumstances when my Kindle has been a lifesaver to me. “Tis better to have many books on an eReader than to suffer for naught.” (I just made that up.)

    Re the shoes: no.

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