Waiting For October

September 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

October is my favorite month.  Although I know the picturesque attributes of fall have been described over and over again on countless blogs and statuses and instagram captions, let me plunge into it one more time, simply because it is so worth it.


October in Pennsylvania is a fine and fickle lady;

a graceful, ancient force of nature.

She slowly brings her leaves from green to parti-colored reds and golds

and softens her white-hot summer skies to a cool madonna blue.

Corn husks rattle as she strips them bare; cold earth crumbles between her fingers.

She settles gracefully down on the ground

and spreads her furrowed-field skirts around her,

feels the molding leaves enrich her with their death.

She savors the taste of a well-aged year: a tang

of wild grapes hangs sweet upon the air.

Through her hair the clean autumn breeze is blowing,

redolent with chimney smoke and gray rain coming,

and upon her bone-white back the sun is slowly sinking earlier each day.


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