New Year’s Resolutions

December 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

Legit excited for my three New Year’s 2013 Resolutions:

1. Blog more.

2. Try to be a better sister.

3. Do an X-Files re-watch.  Every episode (except maybe the demon ones).  (And that one with the killer bees that killed the schoolteacher because that one really got to me as a kid.  And ‘Home’, I think I’ll definitely skip that one too.)


(I probably won’t watch ‘Squeeze’ either.  There’s just something about bile, and the whole helplessness of knowing Tooms can get you whenever, wherever.)


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§ 2 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions

  • Walt says:

    Blog more? You can’t blog any less!!

    What? No “Home”!! Nothing like a little West Virginia inbreeding and deformity to test your creep-out levels.

    My resolution is to start expecting the opposite of what I would normally expect (except when buying lottery tickets, which I don’t do anyway). As I was reflecting on our Blessed Mother yesterday, I realized that nothing ever turned out the way she probably expected it to (of course, perhaps her extreme humility protected her from having expectations, so she was never surprised by the unexpected) [if that’s heretical, please delete it and anything I’ve ever written so I won’t lead others into heresy]. So, until I get to a point where I am so totally surrendered to God’s will that I am completely indifferent (disinterested, I believe, is the Catholic term), I will start by thinking the opposite of what I would normally think.

    If anyone is free on Sunday afternoon, I’m looking for help with a project. I’ve become convinced that, at the exact location on which Greg’s car came to rest after his accident on Christmas Day, if we dig a little, we will find unmistakable evidence of a fire pit previously used by the Nanticoke Indians for human sacrifice in their practice of sorcery and idolatry. Please bring your own shovel.

  • Genevieve says:

    You’re basically skipping the whole AWESOME X-FILES! :D. Spend most of your time on resolution 2 Rose :).


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