A Comely and Estimable Guest Blogger

January 10, 2013 § 8 Comments

Jul and kidsI am proud to introduce my latest guest blogger: Juliana Schmit!  Most of you will already know that Juliana is my younger sister, and the only one of 8 siblings who has managed to take the long walk down a church center aisle.  She lives in Michigan with her beloved husband Daniel, and the two most beautiful, cutest, smartest, happiest, darlingest little children ever, Leo and Lucy.  I’m not quite sure where she finds the time to write guest posts for my blog but I’m glad she did because her writing voice is witty, charming, and more than a little eccentric.

JulianaAfter recovering from the devastating loss of her beloved Blanky while on a family trip to Niagara Falls in second grade, she adopted a stuffed whale named Bubbles, who became her dearest friend for many years.  Juliana went on to overcome ‘(Pretending to be a) Middle Child’ syndrome, ‘Classic Overachiever’ syndrome, ‘Worst Driver in the Family’ syndrome (Greg now holds that title), and ‘Longest Stay in the Educational System by a Babetski’ syndrome.  Her faith and character were honed through these various trials and I’m proud to say she is one of the most talented people I know, especially in the areas of imitating weird accents and eating large amounts of food incredibly slowly.  Nicknamed Jul by her family (pronounced “Juul” NOT “Jewel”, and yes the difference matters), she is always available with a listening ear and a loving heart when I need fashion advice, romantic advice, or really any kind of advice or opinion.  She’s really good at giving her opinion.  Really good.  She gives it a lot.  Sometimes before I even ask for it.  I always wonder how she knows that I want her opinion.  It must be the college education.  Regardless, I am digressing.  Several other things spring to mind when I think of Jul’s attributes: her artistic creativity, her ability to ad-lib song lyrics and make them rhyme on the fly, her wonderful mothering skills, and her deep and evident love for Christ.

weddingI’m sure that Jul will be a great addition to the ranks of amazing writers here at my blog.  She once wrote a story about me and my favorite hockey player (at the time) falling in love.  It was called “Back To The Ice” and I think she’s probably still mad at me that I lost it several years ago.  I’m mad too.  In the story, I helped him learn how to skate again after a tragic accident.  It was deeply, deeply moving.  At any rate, Juliana’s first post will be up tomorrow.  Come back then to read what she’s got to say!  Trust me, it’s worth it.


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