Guest Post: The Iditarod

March 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Many of you may or may not know about the GREATEST SPORT IN HISTORY! If you said football, no, if you said soccer, no, if you said volleyball, NO!


Every year, there is a race called Iditarod, named after a place in Alaska: This ghost town, once a bustling community of over 10,000, was the heart of the Iditarod Mining District, from whence the trail got its name. Dog teams hauled supplies and mail into this area and were laden with gold for their return trip out. Between 1908 and 1925, about $35 million in gold was taken from this area.

Anyhow, the Iditarod is a great race that is 1,012 miles long. A fun fact is that the trail changes depending on if the year is an odd number or an even number. They took the South Route since its 2013. The top five mushers who won were:

Mitch Seavey

Aliy Zirkle

Jeff King

Dallas Seavey

Ray Redington Jr.

The sport is really terrific and I hope it never disappears, it is truly something that I am determined to do or at least watch when I grow up and get some $$$$$$$$$$. (If you’d like to donate, just call Rose and she’ll give you my address and you can make a face-to-face donate, but don’t give the money to Rose, she hangs around with rats!) The Iditarod is officially over when the Red Lantern, or Widow Lantern, is turned off by the last musher to come in. That musher was Christine Roalofs. It is a beautiful thing, seeing a team of eleven to fifteen dogs pull into Nome, Alaska.

They jump in joy at seeing people, they wag their tails in happiness, and some fall over on their side to get their paws checked or because they’re exhausted.

It is beautiful when the musher scratches because they lose a dog and cannot find them. (this actually happened)

It is beautiful when the musher does not really care about winning, but about their precious dogs.

It is beautiful when I see videos of the dogs resting under a beautiful purple or yellow sky, or perhaps under low gray clouds, but at least their musher rests them.

It is a marvelous sport and I hope you all enjoyed my blog post.

P.S: If you’d like to learn more about the racers, go to this site:


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