Here Are The Things

December 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

Here are the things to remember about myself.  When I am unsure, when I am unsettled, when the struggle seems endless and my heart is sad.  Here is what I am:

I am strong.  I broke up with Danny.  I did it, I brought it about, I made it happen after six years.  I was the strong one.

I am healing.  I am okay by myself.  I like myself.

I have my family.  I will always, always, always have my family.  There will always be a place for me in the house.  They will always be able to make me laugh.

I know how to offer it up.  I know that suffering means something, that hurt and heartbreak are valuable.

I am Catholic.  The indelible mark of Baptism is on my soul.  The commission of Confirmation is within me.  The rock of Peter is beneath me.

I can write.  I wrote through heartbreak.  I wrote through loneliness.  I wrote through confusion.

I am strong.  I know that true strength and true knowledge of self come from unselfishness, for it is far harder to put others first.

I have friends, good friends and true.  The best kind of friendship has been gifted to me.  Some people never experience a true, beautiful, unselfish friendship… but I have them, more than one, and that is a treasure.

I am kind.

I will never stop noticing the beauty of the world: a soft and dark green fir tree, the rolling mountains, a tangy scent of wild grapes in autumn air, the endless play of light on water.

I am strong.


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