Happy 19th Birthday, Cathy

December 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s hard to believe you’re almost 20 years old, and starting a new life out there in Michigan.  I was ten when you were born, and it seems like just yesterday you were that cuddly little baby girl, sunny-haired and sunny tempered, and now you’re a beautiful young woman.   You’ve always had a maturity beyond your years, and I admire that so much in you.  When Jul & Daniel asked you to be baby Ceci’s honorary godmother, you didn’t even hesitate, because you knew what an honor it was.  So often in our culture, life is demeaned- seen as a choice or a commodity- but you recognized the value of Cecilia’s life, brief as it was, in and of itself.  Keep doing that, Cathy.  Keep knowing that the best foundation in life is looking upon others as simply who they are, not what they can do, and you’ll have the keys to a beautiful future.  Continue to hold Jesus as the first Person of your heart; start writing down your Adoration thoughts in those Taylor Swift notebooks!  Keep on doing what you do best: being sweet, and funny, and always smiling, and bring others joy by your own.  You have a strong personality, and a firm sense of right and wrong.  Hold on to that, but be patient with people who don’t have your strength or convictions.  Never underestimate the power of kindness; don’t confuse humor with mockery.  Stay faithful and know that sorrow is necessary for a full life, and that strength comes most from picking yourself back up.  Remember that forgiveness is the mightiest sword.  I don’t need to be a fortune-teller to see your future: it’s full of hope, it takes delight in the Lord, it is a light shining in darkness.

Happy nineteenth birthday, Cathy!



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