June 29, 2015 § Leave a comment

I have been captivated by running water lately. I cannot get enough of the motion of light upon water, of the idea of a cleansing stream.  Baptism captivates me as well, both the sacrament and just the idea of water running over my head, making me new, making all things new.  I stand in my pew at Mass and sing the Gloria, thinking all the time, baptize me.  Make me a girl with hands lifted in joy.  Make me a girl whose strength is from the Lord.  Cleanse me. Make me a girl who learns from my regrets, not burying them deep.  Heal me. Make me a hopeful girl, eyes lifted to the hills and feet set firm on the path.   

He is forging me anew.

In the midst of refining fire, I see water every day, I hear the fast-flowing streams in my head. I hold a thousand different memories of water catapulted over rocks, pounding down into pools, misty white and fine as silk blowing around me.

Refresh my soul, I pray. Keep me free from the stagnant puddles.

Guide me on right paths, for Your Name’s sake.     



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