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“I wish I could explain being here to you. These woods and the paths winding through them, the pond and the wetlands.  It’s like- do you know what a gyroscope is?”

“I know it helps keep a plane upright!”

“I think we all have our own gyroscope places. Places in our lives that keep us balanced, bring us back to an upright and secure position. Our axis points true north here, holding us firmly as the world spins around us, reminding us of the steadying truth found in simple joys. Grace, peace, fellowship, rest.  In the midst of our swiftly tilting days, these are our lodestones.  They draw us back ever and again.  Their beautiful gravity is not temporal; it is an inward reality, unchanging in the seasons and years that may pass between our visits.  While our wandering lives dance like the moon across the sky, all changing shape and face, these polestar places never waver.  When we do return for a visit, we are more ourselves here than anywhere else.  We find a firm foundation beneath our feet.  We can hear our hearts, each shushing beat.  Reoriented with our guiding lines, we squint and smile in the fading light, and it does not hurt to say goodbye, goodbye and goodnight.”



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