The Stanley Cup Champions (and camping!)

July 28, 2016 § Leave a comment


Yes indeed, as the above picture so portrays, the Pittsburgh Penguins are the 2015-2016 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS.  And yes, I know I’m a month behind with this post but life has been busy and good, which is as it should be when summer bursts upon the Valley.

Man, what a series.  It’s actually kind of fun just writing this post now because it brings it all back… the way we outplayed the Sharks, Matt Murray’s huge saves, seeing so many of our WBS Penguins boys lifting the Cup… and let’s not forget Phil Kessel (*insert crying/laughing emoji here*) simply winning the Cup, and Conn Smythe winner Sidney Crosby.

Being the champions is a fantastic feeling.


Mtn pieI was going to write more about my summer now, but I’m going camping with Matt this weekend and I think I need to start figuring out exactly what one packs to camp.  Other than beer.  I’ve only been camping once before in my entire 30 years.  Apparently there is this thing called “mountain pies”, which you cook in this nifty little device.  And apparently I am the only person in the Valley who has not heard of them?  Well now I know, and I’m going to make the best dang mountain pies this campground has ever seen.  Also, I think I will roast some sweet potatoes in the firepit and then squish a melted marshmallow on top.  Mmmmm, I would rather have a sweet potato with marshmallow than a s’more any day.  Un-American, but true.  I can never get my chocolate melted enough for a s’more, and I don’t like marshmallows that much to begin with.  But if it’s a nice toasty, golden-brown marshmallow squashed happily into the steaming mouth of a sweet potato, all sugary ooze and slightly carmelized potato bits… Well, that’s different.

I’ll write more soon; I have a post brewing.


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