About the Blog and Me

The title of this blog comes from a clip of the movie “The Trouble with Angels”.

That’s what I’m trying to find.  My “something better”.  I want Reverend Mother’s peace.   I want her certainty.  I also want to make people laugh, which is why not all these posts are serious, soul-searching cries from the depths.  Some of them are random stories of my life, illustrated with my amazing Paint skills.  Sometimes I post poems.

Why do I have to blog about my search for something better?  I guess it’s simply because I love to write.  What else do I love?  Reading old books, watching old movies.  Maps of anywhere.  Sunday morning Mass with the sun filtering through stained glass windows above me.  Hockey, specifically the Pittsburgh Penguins, more specifically Sidney Crosby.  Fashion, especially the 1950s era.  I’ve never lost my girlish love for horses.  Delicious seafood.  Autumn skies and windy days, when the air is so clear it sparkles like cut crystal.  I want to take a vacation on a train.  I want to go to an Extraordinary Form Mass.  I work two jobs.  I play poker.  I have Instagram: @shortside40.  I love a good pun.  I’ve owned 6 pet rats (Bob, Merv, Willy, Freddy, Charlie, and Henry).  I love GK Chesterton and Emily Dickinson.  I love my family.  I’m just trying to live by St. Benedict’s motto: Let mercy triumph.



I am on the left in the blue, with my brother Greg and my sister Cathy


Hipster glasses!

Here is a picture of one of my pet rats! This is Freddy, in January 2012, snacking on a blueberry.


§ 3 Responses to About the Blog and Me

  • Traci says:

    I had a friend who once had two rats, and she said they were fantastic pets. My years of living in SE Asia leave me skeptical (too many times in which rats the size of cats were labeled a foe instead of a friend), but I must admit that the little guy in the picture is quite adorable munching on that fruit.

    • shortside40 says:

      A rat the size of a cat would definitely put me off pet rats lol! Thank you for the compliment, too! Freddy has since grown a little more rotund but he’s still just as cute. I really can’t recommend pet rats highly enough. They are incredibly smart, very sociable, and sweet. We’ve never had one that wasn’t friendly. And they are a lot less money than a dog or cat.

  • Hi,

    I’m Tokoni, A student and poet. Its nice to meet your I’d like to invite you to my blog if you’re interested. Thanks!  

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